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The festival is coupled with the Wisteria Festival at Takehana Betsuin temple. Ogaki Castle is said to have been built in by Lord Miyagawa Yasusada. It served as the base for the Ishida Mitsunari's western forces during the Sekigahara War in The original castle was a National Treasure until it was destroyed during the war in Very pretty during cherry blossom season. Near JR Ogaki Station. This promenade is a 2. It follows along the Suimon River and is especially pretty during cherry blossom season when rides on wooden tub boats tarai-bune are offered.

Ogaki's biggest festival held on May features eleven ornate floats called "yama. Highlights include karakuri mechanical doll performances atop the floats and the floats lit up at night with paper lanterns. Held by Hachiman Jinja Shrine.

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On Dec. According to legend, Sunomata Castle was built overnight by Toyotomi Hideyoshi while he was still an lowly samurai.

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Sunomata Ichiya Castle was reconstructed in April Now a local history museum. Get off at Sunomata bus stop. Other sights in Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture.

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One of Japan's most pivotal battles took place here on Oct. Ieyasu's victory in the Battle of Sekigahara sealed Japan's historical fate for the next years. The former battlefield is dotted with monuments indicating the positions of various warlords during the battle. These photos were taken on the second day when a procession and mock battle were staged. Matchlock gun battalions added to the colorful drama. This is an outdoor park with larger-than-life, painted concrete sculptures depicting the Battle of Sekigahara between Tokugawa Ieyasu and Ishida Mitsunari.

The battlefield is not geographically recreated. Admission charged. Small but pleasant and popular cavern especially in summer when it is cool inside the cavern. Various rock formations and clear spring water are highlights.

Imasu-juku was the fifty-ninth of the sixty-nine stations or shukuba post towns of the Nakasendo Road. It follows Sekigahara-juku and comes before Kashiwabara-juku in Shiga Pref. Today, it has very few remnants of its Nakasendo past. One of the main attractions of Shirakawa-go, this privately-owned house is the largest gassho-zukuri house in Shirakawa-go. The Wada family still live in the house while much of the house is open to the public.

See the huge attic where they used to produce silk. Myozenji is a Buddhist temple belonging to the Jodo Shinshu sect, the most common sect in Shirakawa-go. It's the only temple in the gassho-zukuri style with a thatched roof. The Hondo worshp hall is the largest building in Shirakawa-go. Shirakawa-go's main source of income is tourism.

Many old farmhouses with thatched roofs have been converted into lodging called "minshuku. I have experience at four minshuku at Shirakawa-go. Central Takayama near Takayama Station is noted for traditional buildings.

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Many attractions are within walking distance from the station. Central Takayama's most important traditional building is this former Government House. Originally the palace of Lord Kanamori of Takayama Castle, it was later used by local government administrators from to It is a National Historic Site. The Takayama Festival is held twice a year, during April and Oct. The spring festival is held by Hieda Shrine and it is called Sanno Matsuri.

The festival features twelve ornate "yatai" floats which are displayed and pulled along the streets.

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In a large plaza, katakuri puppets perform on a few of the floats. The festival is also dramatic at night with a float procession. It is the headquarters shrine for all Kanayama Shrines and iron-related shrines in Japan. Many of the buildings are Important Cultural Properties. Held on May , three ornate hikiyama floats are displayed and paraded around town. Young boys also perform in kabuki plays on the floats. May 3 is the main festival day, but May 2 is also a good day to see the matsuri. These photos were taken on May 2, Other sights in Tarui town, Gifu, including the Sakura Matsuri with koinobori carp streamers along the river, Takenaka Hanbei's castle remains, and Tarui-juku post town on the Nakasendo.

Yoro town's most famous attraction is Yoro Park and Yoro Yoro-no-taki Falls, especially during cherry blossom season in early April and during the autumn foliage. Yoro was named by Empress Gensho in the 8th century and proclaimed Yoro as the fountain of youth. She even named her era after Yoro Held during late April to early May, the Koinobori festival of carp streamers is this town's claim to fame. Ebooks and Manuals

About colorful carp streamers swim in the sky above a river. He oversaw the Japanese immigration to Hawaii during Part of his summer villa has been preserved here.

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  8. Next to the house is the Guidance Museum with exhibits related to the Irwin family and Japanese emigration to Hawaii. Open am to pm. Free admission. Updated in During the day, numerous Japanese hula groups performed on stage. Hawaiian seminars were also taught by kumu hula Aloha Dalire. Ikaho's connection to Hawaii lies with the summer residence of Robert Walker Irwin, the Hawaiian Minister to Japan during the late 19th century. During the evenings of Aug. In the evenings, Hawaii's top hula halau overall winner of the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hawaii performed as the festival's main event.

    enter site Takasaki is one of Japan's leading producers of daruma dolls. This temple symbolizes Takasaki with numerous darumas offered at the temple. The Daruma Museum next to the temple is also interesting. Byakui Dai-Kannon means Giant Kannon in white wardrobe. Buiilt in , this giant Kannon statue is almost like a temple itself with 20 Buddha figures inside.

    You can climb up the stairs inside and see Takasaki from above. Insanely spectacular azaleas in full bloom at Tsutsujigaoka Park and Tsutsuji-en Garden. Also see koinobori carp streamers along the river to Lake Jonuma. When it got too hot, the tanuki reverted back to itself and ran away. Tatebayashi is a Tanuki Town because you see it everywhere.

    Souvenir shops also sell the beckoning tanuki which are made in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture. Near Morinji-mae Station on the Tobu Line. Flower garden with roses, moss pink, and more near Morinji temple. Formerly named Yachonomori Garden. Roses were in bloom when I went in late May. Operated by Tobu. Tataranuma Park is a prefectural park with a small, marshy lake with enough reed fields to attract swans migrating from Siberia every winter. A shrine on a small island is dedicated to the goddess Benzaiten.

    The pleasant lakeside park also has lots of picnic space and wisteria. It originally opened as the Imperial Naval Academy in The Naval Academy conducts free guided tours of the school 3 or 4 times a day. The main attraction for me was the display of a midget submarine used in the Pearl Harbor attack. For more info see the academy's Web site here.