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Add to cart Add to Wishlist. Other Editions and Formats. Product Details. It explains all the virtues, their relation to the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how to use all the components in the Education in Virtue series.

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This updated guide with additional pages helps educators understand and explain the importance of living a Christian life of virtue. It provides a comprehensive overview of the doctrine of virtue, the rationale of the virtue curriculum, and guidelines for using the materials in the classroom, parish, and home. The Educator's Guide provides the content needed to educate youth in discipleship and virtue by providing in-depth knowledge of the theological and moral virtues, as well as the corresponding gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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Educators will help students clearly understand how everyone is called to be a disciple of Christ, and that through a personal encounter with Him, each of us is gifted with interior happiness and true freedom. Be the first to submit a review on this product!

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Education in Virtue: Starter Kit. Suddenly, a torrential downpour engulfs the room and the water overtakes the characters.

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Interview with Eyr...

This is a video game about raising a child with cancer. There are tons of stories represented here, and you conclude the sequence with an extended shot of that wall. How did its poignancy speak to you and how did you come up with this way to express it cinematically? Filming that moment was a physical reminder of that reality, and since our focus in filming was just capturing the story of one family, we thought it was important to hint at the fact that just because the Green family happened to be making this unusual work of art, they were certainly not the only ones going through this experience.

Interestingly, the Greens ended up also creating a digital version of that wall of hand prints in the virtual hospital they built in the video game.

Video games, weed & religion: "God in the Machine" author Q&A

They invited other people who had been through similar experiences to share handprints and other memorials of terminally-ill and lost loved ones that could be included in the game, as a way of acknowledging how many other families have lived through this kind of thing. Were you based in Colorado during the shoot?

In fact, they never once asked us to turn the cameras off. That was our own decision to make.