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Treasured: Discovering Wholeness under the Tree of Life Linda Townsend Linda Townsend spent most of the last 10 years hustling for the "sweet spot" in her walk of faith. Captured in superb sound by Decca, these are highly-charged volatile performances. Under Chailly the Leipzig players never sound less than their eloquent selves.

Chailly's account of the First Symphony is a "tour de force" of wit and subversive joy, and the performance of the Second Symphony is almost as good. There is a fine account of the Fourth Symphony, that fiery aggregation of the spirits of Apollo and Dionysus which Mendelssohn loved to conduct, and a gamesome rendering of the Pastoral that doesn't entirely rule out a sense of the numinous in its final pages. After which we get a distinguished account of the Seventh Symphony and an. The Ninth gets a predictably swift reading, compact and powerful, which, like everything else in this cycle, is of a piece with itself.

The recordings, I should add, are superb. These are proper studio recordings, not concert paraphrases. There is space around the sound, as there needs to be in Beethoven, complemented by an immediacy and clarity of detail that derives in large measure from the playing itself. October Riccardo Chailly [hat] wahre Wunder bewirkt. Reizbar, aufbrausend.

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Ein Beethoven in Bausch und Bogen. Schon mit dem ersten Akkord der ersten Sinfonie ist klar: Dieser Beethoven klingt anders. Er hat Speck abgebaut, ist drahtiger, athletischer. Gleichzeitig gelingt es Chailly, die Balance der einzelnen Stimmen wunderbar herauszuarbeiten. Beethovens lyrische Ader und sein unruhiger Geist gehen teilweise eine spannende Liaison ein. Chailly meidet wohltuend jedes Pathos und allen klanglichen Bombast. Allein daran kann man jeden Blindtest erfolgreich bestehen.

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  7. November Die neue Gesamteinspielung. Das Orchester zeigt Spielkultur auf Weltklasse-Niveau.

    German translation of 'thriller'

    Und nicht nur hier klingen Farben und Dynamik von helldunkel oder laut-leise fabelhaft austariert. Die Reaktionsschnelligkeit und die Geistesgegenwart des Orchesters sind fabelhaft. Dabei arbeitet Chailly mit den hergebrachten Mitteln des Sinfonieorchesters. Chailly mutet seinen Musikern teilweise Tempi an der Grenze der Spielbarkeit zu -- umso erstaunlicher, mit welcher Sicherheit sie ihm zu folgen in der Lage sind.

    Chailly hat der Leipziger Beethoven-Tradition eine Frischzellenkur verpasst. Dass die Leipziger insgesamt zu einem grandiosen Ergebnis kommen, liegt auch an der exzellenten Balance der einzelnen Instrumentengruppen. Trotzdem geht das niemals auf Kosten von Details, weil das Gewandhausorchester Leipzig virtuos genug ist, um sich diesen Anforderungen voll gewachsen zu zeigen. Am eindrucksvollsten aber gelingt Chailly die heikle 8. Bel accomplissement. June This is above all, an explosively swift cycle. October This is above all, an explosively swift cycle.

    November Chailly injects a colossal and thrilling urgency into the music, which comes partly from observing Beethoven's implausibly fast metronome marks. November Riccardo Chailly and the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra he directs here present performances of tremendous excitement, insight and agility, where speed and textural clarity actually go hand in hand. November Riccardo Chailly is excellent at playing to the strengths of the ensembles he works with, and this orchestra was already playing music of Beethoven while he was alive. November Does a glutted market really need yet another set of the mighty Nine?

    December The five-disc box set is faithful to the original compositions, but the pieces are colorful and engaging and show a conductor and orchestra that worked well together. December The nine symphonies plus eight overtures move along at a healthy clip and Chailly's interpretations feel refreshing without rocking the boat.

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    December Often favoring sweepingly fast tempos, Chailly draws fresh, bracing performances from an orchestra with this music in its soul. December Beethoven is impossibly well-trodden ground, but the musicians make these works fresh and vital. May July August April Captured in superb sound by Decca, these are highly-charged volatile performances.

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    September Under Chailly the Leipzig players never sound less than their eloquent selves. June October Schon mit dem ersten Akkord der ersten Sinfonie ist klar: Dieser Beethoven klingt anders. October Chailly meidet wohltuend jedes Pathos und allen klanglichen Bombast. November Die neue Gesamteinspielung. January February