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Growing up in a family in which music was the undisputed queen her mother, like Giuni, was a natural soprano , Giuni began studying composition and singing at a young age, constantly refining her exceptional natural talent. This allowed her to participate, a year later, in the Sanremo Festival. This song became her first single.

In the same year, Giuni met Maria Antonietta Sisini, with whom she would share the rest of her career and life. Giuni made the decision to move to Milan for good. The resounding success of the song brought great acclaim to the artist. The subsequent releases — Vox , Mediterranea , Giuni , and Album — revealed an artist continually expanding her vocal experimentation and unique instrumentation. Giuni sang arias and romances of Bellini, Donizetti and Verdi, in original and unique fusions of pop, classical, and jazz, creating a repertoire that confirmed her commitment to her own musical evolution and call to create cutting-edge avant guarde music.

Giuni continued to follow an increasingly eclectic path. She teamed up with poets and writers, studied old sacred texts, and performed many concerts with her newly-created songs. During this period, Giuni became attracted to Carmelite spirituality.

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An emotional way through classic and unpublished songs, in which Giuni's spiritual research and the artistic and human evolution clearly emerge. In this year she released, on 28 November, another new album Demo de midi.

Laura Torrisi

In April , she released a last new album Napoli che canta with DVD a suite musical or soundtrack for the films "Napoli che canta". She died from cancer, in her home in Milan , the night of 13 September She was only 53 years old. The following year, her immense artistic repertory began to be published, starting with NAR, in , of Mediterranea Tour , a concert, and the remixed and remastered A casa di Ida Rubinstein , which, in the meantime, became unobtainable on the market.

In , after 25 years Energie is back to the charts, the only case of the kind, reprinted by Wea and including three bonus tracks: Un'estate al mare , Bing bang being and Adeste fideles.

Un'estate italiana | Revolvy

In Giuni virtually duets with various national and international artists in Unusual , in which Giuni's voice sings with Caparezza , Lene Lovich , Franco Battiato , Toni Child and others, alternating original musical arrangement with brand new others. In is the year of three publications: the whole remastered reprint Se fossi pi' simpatica sarei meno antipatica , The complete Giuni , triple anthological CD, the only official one, and the DVD Docufilm La sua figura of Franco Battiato.

Both works, immediately hit the charts. In the album Cercati in me is released. It contains five previously unpublished and a fascinating ethnic-sounding mini-suites.

Ortigia Sound System

In , he sees the light, the official biography, published by Bompiani Giuni Russo, da Un'estate al mare al Carmelo , written by Bianca Pitzorno , with the collaboration of Maria Antonietta Sisini, and a note by Franco Battiato. In April the 's album Love is a woman is released on CD for the first time.

The album, entirely sung in English, was recorded with the name "Junie Russo". Between the musician, Enrico Rava at the trumpet. Laura Torrisi, una super mamma per Martina. Author: Laura Torrisi. Laura Torrisi Profile Facebook Translate this page.

www.redesignmyresume.com/includes/iberia/dating-sites-oslo-norway.php Followers: K. Laura Wontorra — Wikipedia Translate this page.

The importance of fungi and mycology for addressing major global challenges*

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