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Issue #2 Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Crypt of Terror 17 1. Walter Hill. Also starring Gerrit Graham and Roy Brocksmith. Vault of Horror 35 Robert Zemeckis. A greedy philandering wife Mary Ellen Trainor kills her second husband Marshall Bell for his insurance money. Upon getting rid of the body, she is unexpectedly attacked by a hideous escaped mental patient Larry Drake dressed as Santa Claus who has been going around killing women.

She soon realizes that her own young daughter is in complete danger from within the horrific situation. Haunt of Fear Richard Donner. Also starring Robert Wuhl. A young self-obsessed prostitute Lea Thompson "sells" her looks to a voodoo-dabbling pawnbroker Britt Leach so that she can use the money in order to snag a rich bachelor Brett Cullen , but she soon regrets it four months later when her own face begins to shockingly and unexpectedly age at an accelerated rate. Tom Holland. Michael McDowell. A newlywed couple Amanda Plummer and Stephen Shellen retreats to the mansion of the wife's aunt in which the husband plans to kill her for her inheritance, but he soon learns that his wife's family has a dark past and that the wife herself is not who she seems to be.

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Mary Lambert. Whitney Brown. An uptight elderly man M. Emmet Walsh retires and soon discovers his wife's Audra Lindley obsession with adopting animals into their home, leading him to use the animals for a hobby of his own. Shock SuspenStories 6. Also starring Kate Hodge and Linda Cohn. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Richard Tuggle and Michael Taav.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger , who directed this episode, appears in the cold open with the Cryptkeeper introducing the story. Also starring Roy Brocksmith. Also starring Aubrey Morris. A down-on-their-luck couple Gavan O'Herlihy and Ruth de Sosa are invited to a cabin owned by their wealthy former best man Paul Lieber , but the unstable husband is convinced that his wife is having an affair.

He finds that he was wrong about many things, towards the end of the show. A supermodel Teri Hatcher and her photographer Kyle Secor fall in love. When the model's abusive boyfriend Miguel Ferrer learns of their affair, he sets out to kill the two of them. However, he soon gets a nasty surprise as love proves to be quite very strong, even in death itself.

Richard Greenberg. Ross Thomas.

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An insurance agent Kevin Kilner kills his obnoxious client Don Hood in a plot to take his money and his wife Kim Delaney. He soon finds out however that this will be quite very difficult for him when someone Michael Ironside shows up to blackmail him for the murder. Jeffrey Price. Peter S. Also starring Iggy Pop as himself. Also starring Chelcie Ross and Susan Blommaert as her abusive employers, one of whom also tries to have an affair with the pretty farmhand. Frank Darabont. A young ventriloquist Bobcat Goldthwait wants to improve his craft and seeks out help from his old hero Don Rickles , but he soon finds out about his own hidden secret.

An elderly witch Frances Bay posing as a cosmetic salesman visits the home of a young vain and eccentric couple Brian Kerwin and Carol Kane and convinces the wife to try on a magic necklace that switches the wife's body with hers. A funeral home director Moses Gunn cuts corners when it comes to his own line of work. Following a tragic car crash, he is made the legal guardian of his teenage nephew Jon Clair. The nephew is eventually made as an apprentice mortician in order to earn his room and board and soon comes to resent the mean-spirited behavior and stinginess of his uncle.

For the uncle, it may come full circle when he quotes the Bible often. Rowdy Herrington. The Cryptkeeper makes a reference to Tales from the Crypt starting out as a magazine at the beginning of the episode. Jim Simpson.


After witnessing a brutal murder, a woman Patricia Clarkson goes mute and is cared for by a psychiatrist Richard Thomas who had committed the murder himself and soon finds out that this woman had witnessed the murder and wants the woman to be silenced forever. Randall Jahnson. A tabloid news show host Morton Downey, Jr. The host and the crew get more than they bargained for when a chain of supernatural happenings indeed begin taunting and haunting them.

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All of this is aired on live TV. Also starring Jessica Harper. Michael Riva. Tom Mankiewicz. Also starring Kathleen Freeman as the next door neighbor. Steven E. An escaped con Kyle MacLachlan who is running for the Mexican border ends up killing a state trooper George Del Hoyo , but in the process is cuffed to him after he has swallowed the key and has to drag the heavy corpse across the desert to freedom whilst being stalked by a hungry vulture.

Michael J. Fox , who directed this episode, plays the prosecutor, and James Tolkan plays a policeman investigating the "murder scene".

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  2. Chimneypieces and ingle nooks, their design and ornamentation!
  3. Avoid Human Contact.
  4. Stephen Hopkins. Note : Based on the story "Dead Right! Also starring Whoopi Goldberg as the mysterious priestess who also appears as herself in the outro being interviewed by the Crypt Keeper.

    Elliot Silverstein. Also starring Michael Berryman and Paul Gleason. John Harrison. Larry Wilson. An artist Tim Roth who can't seem to sell any of his work soon encounters a mysterious collector of morbid artwork William Atherton , but he has to keep producing ghoulish artworks in order to satisfy his new customer, which soon leads him down a dark and dangerous path.

    A group of young local kids Jason Marsden , Scott Fults, Aron Eisenberg , and Jonathan Ke Quan , aspiring to be horror filmmakers, break into the local mortuary in order to see a real dead body. However, they soon stumble upon a sinister conspiracy of murder and greed involving the town's pharmacist Graham Jarvis and a local mortician John Glover , in which the boys themselves plan to expose by taking the law into their own hands and film evidence of the mortician's murderous dealings, all whilst the situation itself becomes quite very personal for one of the boys as he seeks to avenge his late father, who had died in the past from poisoned asthma medicine.

    Russell Mulcahy. Richard Christian Matheson. A beautiful but loose barmaid Michelle Johnson marries a rich lumberjack Brion James who offers her a comfortable lifestyle.

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    When the marriage soon turns sour, especially in the bedroom due to her husband's violent jealous streak, she brings him over the edge when she begins seducing another lumberjack Billy Wirth in order to relieve her boredom. Also starring Richard Herd and Jon Polito. A housewife Faye Grant who is quite very obsessed with soap operas especially with the concepts of both passion and romance and watches them religiously is personally annoyed that her own husband Alan Rachins a doctor obsessed with experimenting on a rabbit doesn't spend much time with her, so she begins a steamy affair with a cable guy Anthony LaPaglia.

    The doctor soon wonders if maybe he could try his experiment on human subjects. Note : This is the only episode of the entire series to run longer than 30 minutes. Director Robert Zemekis used this episode to pay homage to Stanley Kubrick's film Paths of Glory , which also starred Kirk Douglas and featured some similar themes. Tom Hanks , who directed this episode, also makes a cameo appearance as the video dating service owner.

    Crime SuspenStories Note : This was Cleavon Little's final acting performance. This includes being bitten by a vampire and dying or nearly dying. Answer 1: No, werewolves are not real and do not exist. It involves killing a Master Vampire in a radiant location. As the vampire sought a sinner's blood to cast his soul in the demonic mode, a devout person needed to drink the blood of Christ to keep him from wavering from the right path. In humans, low levels of serotonin trigger aggression and risky behavior.

    Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles show the undead by turns as violent, tragic, caring, and hyper-sexual. These ten photos are absolutely amazing, regardless. The vampire easily caught Xander's knife hand and slammed it into a tombstone forcing him to drop his weapon. This is the answer that the vast majority of humans will give you.

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    Are vampires real? Directed by Robert Rodriguez. EXPERTS claim that this skeleton is proof that vampires walked among us, years after they dug up a collection of bones bearing all the hallmarks of a blood-sucker burial. When the people dug up Paole, they saw proof that he was indeed a vampire. The infectious nature of this disease may have led to the belief that the vampire rises from the dead to feed on his loved ones, causing them to suffer the same symptoms.