e-book Six-Pack Abs: A Quick, Concise Guide To Obtaining And Keeping Toned Abdominal Muscles.

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How do you neutralize the stress of daily life?

Transform Your Tummy With These 8 Essential Tips

With relaxation techniques. Here are some helpful ideas:. Get Enough Sleep. Only you know how much sleep you need, but if you are routinely dragging during the day feeling sleepy, lethargic, exhausted, etc. De-Stress Breaks. Take small breaks throughout the day, say every hours.

On the break you can:.

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Meditate Daily. Meditate for minutes times per day, once in the morning and once in the later part of the day. This will set the tone for your day and help curb the automatic stress response. Here are a few recommended meditation and self-hypnosis guides:. Calming Guidance. Consider listening to positive audio tapes in your car or on your daily exercise.

The website is one of those salesy sites, but never fear, this is probably the best self-help product I ever bought. I listen to it often and always refer my friends to his books and audio programs. Buddy Up for Success.

Enlist a friend, colleague, or family member to join your challenge. Hire a Personal Trainer. Why not spend money on something that could make a real difference in your health?

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This is great if you need help with discipline or with crafting an exercise routine. Make Healthy Eating Easy. Fruits and veggie eating is the best way to be healthy and lose weight. You can eat as much as you want! Blend them into smoothies and soups. I love mine! Do you have a success story on losing your tummy fat? All comments big and small are very welcomed! Thank you! I read through all of that, thanks for the information. It was well written too, I learn a lot on the dying fat cells.

Thanks a ton for your energy to have put these things together on this website. John and i also very much loved your knowledge through the articles in certain things.

I understand that you have several demands with your program so the fact that you actually took as much time like you did to guide people really like us via this article is also highly liked. Hi there, I found your website by the use of Google while searching for a similar subject, your website came up, it seems good. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

I do not even know the way I stopped up right here, but I believed this submit was once great. I must say you have very well put up the article Thank you for sharing such valuable information Gr8 Work Keep it up. Farah — to lose any fat, you must have a deficit of calories each day: burn more than you take in. Do this every day consistently and you will lose fat. Exercise helps make this easier to achieve by giving you more calories you can eat and also, if you are gaining muscle, you will increase your metabolism that will also allow you to eat more.

But the main key is you must count your calories in very diligently and do it each day.

Six-Pack Abs: A Quick, Concise Guide To Obtaining And Keeping Toned Abdominal Muscles.

Do not cut out any macronutrient entirely. Bad things happen when you go to the extremes. If your training as you should then make sure to have a source of protein with each meal. This is important for maintaining your muscle mass because muscle is made of protein. Protein digest slowly so It will also keep you full longer.

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Keep your carbs in line with your physical activity. If you were very active during the day then you can eat proportionally more carbs. If your day was like many of us - that is at a desk and inactive, then reduce how many carbs you have. That covers the basics of nutrition and what you need to know. Now let's get to the training. The 5 Principles of Healthy Eating. Spot reduction is the idea that you can burn fat in a certain area by working it out. The common example is doing endless crunches to lose your belly.

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Unfortunately, spot reduction is a myth that will not die in the fitness industry. Doing endless ab exercises will not help you lose your gut faster. In order to achieve this, you'll want an exercise program that works the whole body. The more muscles you work, the more calories you burn, and the more fat you lose. Make the switch if you want to actually lose the belly. Often when people hear they need to burn more calories their go-to is to hop on the treadmill and start trotting away.

Alwyn Cosgrove, an Industry leader wrote an article called the Hierarchy of Fat Loss which changed the industry. In it, he laid out how to organize your training efforts to maximize fat loss. Activities that burn calories, promote muscle mass, and elevate metabolism. Activities that burn calories but don't necessarily maintain muscle or elevate metabolism. Activities that burn calories are pretty much any activity or exercise you do during the day. Exercises that Promote Muscle mass refers to resistance training. When you train with resistance not only does it burn calories but also creates muscle damage.

This muscle damage needs to be repaired, and when it is, you are left with larger more toned muscles. The added benefit is that the food you eat begins working for you, instead of you working for it. When you eat food the nutrients and energy go to repairing and building muscle instead of being stored as fat. Elevation of metabolism allows you to burn calories even after exercise. This happens when we work at high intensities. After about of high-intensity exercise, your body must work to bring everything back to normal. Workouts that elevate metabolism include resistance training done with short reps and a high intensity, and interval training.

Below are the top five methods listed which should serve as a blueprint for how to your program should look when looking to burn fat. Note that Steady state cardio like easy running on a treadmill is last in its efficiency. Read the article for more details and explanations for each.