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They chose the latter, and the succeeding terms imposed on a defeated people were so destructive and humiliating that by the pre-requisite social conditions had arisen that, most historian agree, gave rise to Nazism and its diabolical consequences. As a further vindication of prophecy as an instrument of human choice, had the Nazis not been appeased during the s, humanity could have altered the next wave of prediction, that of a second World War.

We currently live at the confluence of several prophecies, making the first decade of the 21st Century an important time to be alive.

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Just as in the 17th Century we are due serious consequences from our lack of responsibility to others, to ourselves and the environment. The predicted signs are: volcanism, earthquakes, plagues, atmospheric degradation, a potential nuclear Armageddon and a final rapture. Luckily, Christ is to appear again, just in time to inherit a barren wasteland of a planet and most of its inhabitants turned into piles of ash which is why I personally find this prophecy to be more metaphorical than literal.

The question at hand is, are we about to fulfill it, or is there wiggle room? Current events suggest we are right on course for M. D— Mutually Assured Destruction: the rise of a neo-conservative American administration— with fundamental Christianity for a train— which takes prophecy of a rapture at face value, and in exacerbating arguments with the Muslim world some would even say most of the world they have set events in motion whose logical conclusion is global armageddon On the other hand, consider that the US Senate, if not entire nations, have the power to stand up to the bullies, that the public can vote for a diplomatic, humanitarian leader, and so on.

Where does this leave ?

Decoding Stonehenge, Drombeg and Avebury Stone Circles - Prof. Terence Meaden - Megalithomania

Given how this election cycle of the presidency of the most influential nation on Earth ends exactly in , the potential to influence the outcome of these dire prophecies is enormous. But if we make the right choices, the prize is the complete transformation of the course of humanity for the next years. If enough people share the same dream, a critical mass will create that reality.

Humans are gifted dreamers, but even so we often lack the confidence to believe we are powerful creation machines.

Stone Circles

Throughout native cultures prophecy is strangely reminiscent of scriptures in which God reveals Itself to humanity in subtle and helpful ways— miracles, healings, divine laws, signs— but when these hints are ignored, cataclysms are used to wake people up, particularly those at the slowest vibratory levels. One such event occurred back in the 17th Century, around the time when Europe was fulfilling the prophecy of hell and brimstone. Unusual signs appeared in the fields of Britain in the form of geometric shapes, circles and rings.

A second wave of sightings— this time throughout Europe and North America— preceded events that would lead to the First World War. I am of course talking about crop circles, the worldwide phenomenon whose dramatic re-appearance at the end of the 20th Century once again coincides with a time of socio-political upheaval as well as climate change. If so, why are they here? The Universal Law of non-intervention states that no entity can interfere with the evolution of another species.

Thus, if crop circles are messages from a conscious source, the symbols must be suggestive. They would serve as a type of subconscious stimulus, offering potential and ideas to its recipients. Certainly the people who come into contact with these enigmatic symbols describe a change in their perception, and how they feel a need to change the course of their lives.

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Decades of research suggests that contact is overwhelmingly positive, people feel they have been awoken. And yet when pressed, they stumble to articulate the experience. They say they know what the symbols are but often cannot logically explain what they mean. This suggests that some type of cellular information is by-passing the logical brain, awakening instead the genetic and irrational part of our being. In other words, it stimulates parts of our DNA that allow information to be imprinted thereby awokening something in our genetic memory.

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For this to occur, a bioelectromagnetic signal needs to be transferred from one organism— the crop circle— to the other, the human body. Many of the 80 eyewitnesses to crop circles recall a beam of light accompanying the creation of the glyphs. Light is an electromagnetic signal, and DNA relies on light for receiving information. It is also known that genuine crop circles contain a measurable EM field which can last up to five years after the original shape in the crop has been harvested; furthermore, ripples of energy have also been detected flowing away from the epicentre of the designs.

This demonstrates that the crop circles are living, breathing, organisms. Electrical equipment has a tendency to be interfered with inside the perimeter of crop circles, as do human beings who enter them, and humans are electromagnetic. As it happens, thousands of people have not just had such experiences, they also report being healed.

There is a second part to this encoding.

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Crop circles are typically geometric; and those that are not contain the geometric code concealed within their framework. The most typical geometries employed are the pentagram and the hexagram. Now, geometry is the ultimate systems language because it underlies every biological and mineral element in the universe, including the human body. At out core, the crystalline structure of human DNA is made up of a series of repeating crystals in the shape of pentagrams and hexagrams.

Megalith tells stones’ secrets. New book focusses on the Wiltshire stone circles.

Since the crop circles are living biological entities, such biogeometry would have a sympathetic effect on the organisms with which they interact, either through physical contact or simply by looking at their image. Every organism on Earth is therefore in contact with this information. So perhaps the crop circles are appeared at this crucial juncture to remind us of a preferred choice of direction. People are being offered the choice to engage with the coming human evolution, or conversely, to resist it. We need to remember that we always have choice. One things is certain: the presence of these signs is palpable, given their polarizing effect— people either react very positively to the circles or they debunk them vehemently.

In fact, the tenacity with which the debunkers have operated is akin to a 17th Century witch hunt. But to say they are prophetic is still a matter for discussion.

The Magic of Scotland’s Ancient Callanish Standing Stones

What makes this glyph worthy of investigation is that the circle representing the Earth is missing from its orbit. Some have said this points to a future date when the Earth will cease to exist. Given that messages from the heavens are typically helpful and positive, I prefer my colleague Prof.

The late Prof. Hawkins— emeritus astronomer at the University of Boston— calculated that the position of the other three planets in this design appeared in such a configuration twice during the 20th Century: the first date occurred when the Wright Brothers made aviation history on a beach in North Carolina by proving that a heavier-than-air object could fly; the second date points to the first Mars orbiter and its flight to the red planet.

The next time we shall see this configuration in the solar system will be in So what will happen, another milestone in aviation? Crop circles have been shown to encode anti-gravity technology, so who knows. And that could mean thousands and thousands of people. By BC, Britain was not an isolated and sparsely populated European outcrop.

Professor Wainwright believes that several million people inhabited these shores, and like today, not all of them were born and bred Britons. We know, for example, that the Amesbury Archer, whose remains were discovered close to Stonehenge, was originally from the central European Alps.

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His metalworking skills may have brought him to Britain, and his hope for relief from the searing pain of an acute dental abscess may have prompted his final and fateful journey, to Stonehenge. The Amesbury Archer gives us a fascinating insight into one aspect of late Neolithic life. At the end of the Stone Age, there was already a section of society prepared to move huge distances in the quest for better opportunities. Like an Indian doctor or Polish construction worker today, the Amesbury Archer came to Britain to exploit a highly prized skill.

The Heart of Merlin

People were not static. There was a big industry in trading stone axes, and axes were traded right across Britain and into Europe. And it was highly prized. Metalworkers in Britain were scarce. This was a time when our ancestors were moving out of the Stone Age, and into the age of metal. Being buried with gold and copper jewellery, as the Archer was, was a sign of status. After millennia of stone and flint, this was the first age of bling. Others moved around too. Around Stonehenge, for example, there have been axes found from every part of Britain. In other words, society in BC was mobile, at least to some extent.

People knew of a world beyond the horizon, and even of strange lands across the ocean. Traders brought news from far and wide. For some of our ancestors, news of the magical healing powers of a giant stone circle in Wiltshire might have offered a glimmer of hope, and prompted pilgrimages on horse and foot of many hundreds of miles. Search term:. Read more.