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Knows him well. Warmest Regards — Heather. My name is Brandon and I am Thank you for your article, it was refreshing and informative and very helpful for me. Thank you Brandon!

Hope for Parents of Defiant Teens: 6 Ways to Parent More Effectively

Great to hear from you. Much aloha and keep in touch. Loved this post. I am having some problems with my year old and attitude. I thought your tips about what every boy needs was great! Such great advice! He said he will never talk to me about that stuff. My guess is he may already be going to them for advise. I have. A 13yr old.

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Its challenging at times. Thank you for some insight. I will weave some of the suggestions were needed they were helpful as I AM a single mother. Thanks for your post! Getting them active in the moment of meltdowns, disrespect, etc. Yeah, this middle school age has been…interesting. He freaked out that we brought it up. Good times. It was encouraging that you did say we should talk! Thanks again for posting. Good article. My son is almost 10 in just under 6 months and has become so difficult that I want to slap him most days.

He also wants an Iphone. Hi Shannon…I can relate to your post so much! Thanks, and hang in there! Hi there, I am struggling with some issues so in my search I came across this article about picking battles, ie his room and it was helpful. It sounds like there is a lot more going on, but I hope this helps you some. I would also consider talking to a counselor as this is abusive and he has some anger issues. I had to do that with my daughter and it helped a lot. Obviously, I only know what was posted here and I am sure there is a lot more. I wish you the best, hang in there mama.

It is sold by Family Life. My husband had get away weekends with each of them. Thank you, I have a boy 12 , girl 10 , boy 8 and have homeschooled my oldest for longest and have pulled each of the others out at different times.

I love kids…little kids. Preteen and teen have always made me uncomfortable. This has helped me so much. I know what to do in so many situations but the whole teen thing is worrisome for me. He needs a LOT of sensory input like lots of layers and tight hugs. He also has no friends. We live on a farm so getting together is difficult enough.

He does get church and a Club but not able to be in Youth yet. Kat-thank you for sharing your struggles.

So often I feel like I am the only one who is struggling with my kids four of them and we homeschool. It is comforting to know I am not alone in this crazy struggle of motherhood.

Middle School.

This is a vapor. Eternity will prove all this labor was worth it. What a great article. Thanks for this…. I am going to keep keeping on with our 10 and 12 year old. My 13 year old son has always been very respectful and helpful at home. Has made good grades and never given me any problems.

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He is lying to me about almost everything. His father and I were completely unaware of this. Jessica, contact me. None f my bussiness. But, sounds like he has been a good boy. Maybe give a chance of being more responsible. We gotta let them grow. My 12 year old son just had his physical. Now my son wants to find a different sport!! Surely, the dr and his chart can be wrong!

How do I encourage my son not to give up?? Hey Lisa, thank you for commenting.

Parents Stop! Don't Give up, There Is Hope by Elizabeth W. Brown - - Dymocks

My husband who is a Dr. Regardless, your son must keep doing his best at what he loves to do and let God work out the details of his height. Yes, the charts can ALWAYS be wrong, but meanwhile this is a great time for your son to be open to many directions his future may go — including, but not only basketball. I would have some good chats with him about his identity, and his future. I cover both of these with my sons in Youtube chats. All the best to you and I hope your son shocks the doctor and becomes a pro!

Silly Dr. Keep in touch! Generally, the earlier kids mature, the sooner they stop growing. We are worried and upset too. We were told that his growth trajectory is going to get him at 6 feet! I enjoyed the read. But I have a question.

The reading is great just not when we are all outside working in the yard. We have tried everything from punishments to rewards to helping him.

Parents Stop! Don't Give Up, There Is Hope!

Any help would be great. This is a complex situation of course, and I cannot give you an easy answer. Perhaps a counselor could help figure out the feelings involved and a healthy course of action.

I would not allow unlimited game or video or even book! You are the parent—you can require him to come out of his room and spend time with you, doing chores, etc. Your son could use some inspiration through healthy role models or a solid group of friends. Perhaps a youth group or sports involvement would be beneficial. Pray and keep talking to, and loving your son. Keep me posted, ok?