Manual Paid Egg Donation: 20 Reasons to Become an Egg Donor

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Proven fertility demonstrated through children, or through a previously successful egg donation cycle is a bonus.

Column: Paying women to donate their eggs for research is still a terrible idea - Los Angeles Times

Ovarian failure is one of the leading causes of infertility and may occur for many reasons. Delayed child-bearing, autoimmune diseases, radiation or chemotherapy for cancer, and surgical removal of the ovaries are all examples of why ovarian failure can occur. For women with ovarian failure, there is little to no chance of achieving pregnancy.

Same sex male couples hoping to become parents also look to egg donors to achieve their dream of parenthood.

Egg donors can complete a maximum of six donor cycles. Complete our Egg Donor Application. Donating eggs is not an easy process and requires a commitment of time and energy. Once a woman agrees to become an egg donor, a profile is created for her and added to the Carolina Conceptions Egg Donor Database.

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Once the donor is selected by intended parents, the donor will be asked to complete genetic testing, a physical exam, and a psychological evaluation. Our Egg Donor Coordinator and clinical psychologists are available to address questions and concerns regarding the decision to become an egg donor.

There will be multiple visits to the clinic required for cycle monitoring.

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  8. ALL of these will occur between and AM and may occur any day of the week. An infertile couple liked what they saw on paper and Ms. Griffin was notified that they wanted to buy her eggs. That was the easy part. For three weeks in , Ms. Griffin underwent physical and psychological tests, injected herself with hormones to stimulate her egg production and then had five eggs harvested through a surgical procedure.

    Become An Egg Donor

    While both men and women in their 20s may be tempted to sell or donate their genetic material to make money or simply for altruistic reasons, the decision is not merely a financial transaction. For both sexes there are ethical factors. But for a woman the stakes are higher because a decision to sell her eggs may pose both short- and long-term health risks. Related: The misleading promise of I. Griffin knew the short-term risks of egg donation when she underwent the procedure: The hormone treatments could cause hot flashes, vaginal dryness, fatigue, sleep problems, body aches, mood swings, breast tenderness, headaches or vision problems, according to the New York State Department of Health , which addresses at length questions about being an egg donor on its website.

    The Fertility Institutes Egg Donor Application Process

    Raquel Cool, co-founder of We Are Egg Donors , a space for past and current egg donors to connect, recently started the site Is Egg Donation For Me to help potential egg donors through the procedure. She said she wanted to provide resources to egg donors that she did not get when she donated her eggs in at the age of Cool said she had nine pounds of fluid which was extremely painful.

    There are no good statistics on how long it takes a woman to recover from the egg donation procedure but in most cases, donors are scheduled for a post-op checkup a week after the process. Griffin said a few weeks after her eggs were harvested a cyst burst on one of her ovaries, sending her to an emergency room. Her gynecologist told her the cyst most likely formed during the time she was taking the hormone treatments.

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    What was less certain were the potential long-term consequences of egg donation. By putting egg maturation into overdrive, was she putting her long-term fertility at risk? Griffin, now a business reporter with The Tampa Bay Times, wonders if being an egg donor jeopardized her health in the long run.