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If you can get a handle on the simulations you should be good. This is a 15 hour live, online, accelerated CMA exam prep class scheduled over 1. These features include professor-led video lectures, a no-hassle money-back guarantee, an access until you pass guarantee, and direct help from experts. The actual method of fonning a joint will initially depend upon the physical and chemical properties of the materials involved. The comments made in Chapter 5 regarding movements and appropriate sizes are particularly relevant.

The joint can be expected to behave in a similar manner to the surrounding surfaces by stopping water penetration at the outennost places, or by allowing water to be collected from its recesses and returned to the outside. Within these two extremes, there is a vast range of jointing possibilities Fig.

These include the use of mortar for the brick-work outer leaf of the wall, an impervious water barrier membrane DPC between brickwork and window frame, a seal between window frame and glass, and draught proofing between window sash and frame. The profiles between the fixed and opening parts of the window frame are also specially designed to reduce the movement of wind-borne water to the interior of the building.

The Wind, min and snow Externally sealed joints Figure 6. One of the most important aspects of joints in a building involves their effect on appearance.

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The particular type of brick bond stretcher, Flemish, Dutch, Quetta, etc. Similarly, the precise location and profile of the joints in preformed panel and in situ reinforced concrete walls will assist in determining not only the overall scale and proportion of a building, but also the pattern and rhythm of features on the facade. The surface texture created by the need to channel water away from widely spaced joints of prefonned wall units also helps in creating the particular character and expression of a building.

This involves movement through air or other elastic media formed from solids, liquids or gases, airborne sound, or movement through a solid structure resulting from an impact force, impact sound. Both are transmitted by direct paths from source to recipient or by indirect paths along adjoining elements. Transmission by indirect paths is known as flanking transmission.

Unwanted lower levels of sound are a nuisance and become a source of constant irritation, causing a loss of concentration. Apart from industrial operations, external noise nuisance is most often caused by motor traffic and it is necessary for the designer to be familiar with the noise climate liable to affect the performance of a building. This is the range of sound levels achieved for 80 per cent of the time - the remaining 20 per cent being divided equally between sound levels occurring above and below the main range.

The upper limit of the noise climate is called the 10 per cent level L10 and has become the unit used for specifying extreme exposure conditions to traffic noise. Measurements are taken at a 10 m distance over a period of 18 hours between and on a normal weekday. This provides a basis of data for consideration of government compensation or grants.

These may be awarded for installation of noise controls in houses adjoining new or upgraded main highways and motorways. Similar compensation procedures are available for exposure to aircraft noise. This can be assessed by a noise and number index NNI , originally devised by the Wilson Committee on Noise in It is somewhat dated, but nonetheless an established and accepted measure of subjective noise from aircraft. It considers the frequency of movements during the day and the loudness of each. Equivalent average noise energy known as L e q is a measure of the noise in dBA as planes fly over, in combination with a measure of the relative quiet between flights.

Another indicator known as N 70 counts the number of overflights exceeding 70 dBA at ground level. Whatever method is used, contours representing sound levels can be mapped to specific locations.

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The latter provides means of creating noise abatement zones for the long-term control of noise from fixed sources such as may exist in areas of mixed residential and industrial development. This act also provides the power to control noise on construction and demolition sites which, although usually short-lived, may inflict severe discomfort on normally peaceful neighbourhoods.

Nevertheless, prevention is better than cure, and various documents exist which attempt to control the initial output of noise such as BS Code of practice for noise and vibration control on construction and open sites; the Road Traffic Act , Part II: Construction and use of vehicles and equipment; and the Health and Safety at Work, Etc. The relative weight and rigidity of a building fabric and the nature of construction affect the amount of transmission. Current building legislation attempts to define minimum standards for domestic construction methods which provide an acceptable degree of control.

However, modern society requires the increasing use of sound-producing equipment for home entertainment devices and the frequent involvement of noisy household appliances.

Mitchell's structure and fabric : Part 2

These requirements often conflict with the simultaneous trend towards lightweight materials and less homogeneous methods of assembly used for a building. Joints in constructions are particularly liable to cause weak links when considering sound control as a problem. The methods used to control the movement of sound within a building are similar to those adopted to control sound from external sources, although external sound is also reduced by weather exclusion measures, i. Sound is normally created in the air when a surface is vibrated and sets up waves of alternating compression and rarefaction.

The distance between adjacent centres of compression is kn own as the wavelength of the sound, which for human hearing varies from about 20 mm to 15 m. The number of complete movements or cycles from side to side made by the particles in the air or any other elastic medium during the passage of sound waves detennines the frequency of the sound; this is usually quoted as the complete number of cycles made in a second, the number of hertz Hz.

The greater the number of cycles per second or hertz caused by the vibrations, the higher the pitch of the sound. People are most affected by frequencies between Hz and 6 Hz Fig. Similar waves can also be produced by air turbulence during explosive expansion of air or a combination of vibration and explosive expansion. The intensity of sound is a measure of the acoustic energy used in its transmission through the air.

This scale of constant ratios gives a manageable scale and practical measure for sound strength over a range of sounds Table 7. There is a theoretical reduction of 6 dB each time the distance from the source is doubled. Sound that is perceived twice as loud as another is measured 10 dB higher. Therefore, a sound intensity of 80 dB is twice as noisy as that of 70 dB. One decibel is one tenth of a bel, attributed to Alexander Graham Bell. In practice this amount may be modified by such factors as whether the source is a single point, a continuous line or an area origin; the source height; the amount reflected during its transmission; the effectiveness of screening devices provided by trees, other buildings, embankments, etc.