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After trying her hands on a lot of odd jobs in the music industry, Madonna was left with no choice but to promote herself.

In the s, the DJs had a tremendous power in the night clubs. The songs they would play would turn into making an artist. Madonna knew this was a good opportunity to promote herself. She began taking her records to the hottest nightclubs in the city, with a goal to play them in the clubs which would ultimately turn her songs into club hits. In , Madonna was a regular patron of one of the hottest clubs of Manhattan, Danceteria.

The DJ, Mark Kamins, was a trendsetter there and Madonna with her magnetic aura had already pulled him towards her. However, Kamins still wanted to listen to the record before playing it.

Though Mark Kamins was a DJ, he longed to be a record producer. He proposed a partnership to Madonna; he would do the leg work to secure a record contract for her and when the deal was set, she would allow him to produce her first album. Along with being partners they were also in a relationship now. During those days, Michael Rosenblatt, a young, aggressive executive at Warner Bros was in search of young new talent. Although, after listening to the songs Michael liked them, still, he did not find anything outstanding about them.

He knew there was a star sitting out there. Michael Rosenblatt decided to offer her a record deal but before it could be finalized, he required the signature of Seymour Stein- the president of Warner Bros. Unfortunately, Stein was hospitalised during that time, recovering from his heart surgery. Rosenblatt was well aware of the connection between Madonna and patience, he knew Madonna was not a person who would sit and wait for him. Finally, he spoke to Stein over the phone about the young talented girl Madonna and how desperate she was to sign the record.

madonna exposed desperately seeking superstardom Manual

Eventually, Stein agreed to meet her in the hospital. She had a ruthless edge to her. You could just tell that this woman would go far. This record type is commonly used in disco and dance music genres, where DJs use them to play in discos or clubs. Madonna was in a dilemma as she shared a good relationship with both of them; finally, it was Mark Kamins who convinced her.

The old Madonna was broke, she had no place to dwell, she was someone her father was never proud of, and she was Madonna Louise Chiccone. Now it was time for Madonna to start expanding her knowledge in the music business.

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Very soon they became lovers and Madonna started attending various industry record functions in his company. Her position could help anybody advance their career and Benitez was well aware of this fact. But as there was no factor of love between them, their relationship lasted only for one and a half years. Warner Bros was very well cognizant that they had a money minting machine in their hands in the form of Madonna.

They soon decided to sign Madonna for her first album before anybody else could propose her an offer for the same. Finally, Madonna had accomplished her mission, she was famous.

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But this was not all that she longed for, there were a lot more wishes which were engraved in her heart. Getting involved in work 24X7, she now needed a manager desperately, and she required a person who was best in this business. She came to a conclusion and appointed Freddy De Mann, a well-respected entertainment manager who had represented the biggest music star of the world-Michael Jackson. Sadly, it could not offer her even a glimpse of the superstardom which she yearned.

The album failed to showcase her uniqueness as a star and the reason why Camille Barbone and Steve Bray promoted her so much. Though the album did not receive much recognition, nobody could deny the fact that the songs were terrific. The album, comprising of 8 songs, was successful on the charts, reaching number 8 on the Billboard Teenagers at this time were seeking icons.

Nobody took advantage of this medium the way Madonna did. It was like the perfect timing for her. She added an element of simple sexiness to her own brand and created an image for herself which was simply unforgettable. Her look fuelled ample controversy when she co-mingled sexuality with Christianity; she used crucifixes along with exposing t shirts and rosary beads.

Style Evolution: Madonna

While Madonna and Benitez enjoyed the success of their debut album, the romantic relationship between both explosive creatures started getting cold. Newman was the editor of a small time magazine Fresh 14 ; they were in a relationship after he featured Madonna on the front page. He was boiling with rage and at that very moment it was all over between Benitez and Madonna. Though she was involved with Newman, she never desired to marry him. Her idea of prince charming was a man who would be financially stable and who could take care of her.

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Newman was obviously not the man. Soon, she parted ways with Newman while she continued her search for a man who could make her feel like a princess. As her musical career continued to flourish, Madonna turned to one of her earliest ambitions of being an actress. The film became one of the top 5 grossing movies of S dance charts. The tour broke all the records at radio city music hall when all the tickets were sold out in a breathtaking 24 minutes. People were willing to exploit her and sell her in order to make as much money as possible and she too was ready to get exploited, if it meant money and fame in her pocket.

At the beginning of her career Madonna always made sure that the media was covering her; she would be seen on every magazine, newspaper, and show. While Madonna was standing at the staircase, her eyes got stuck on a man in a leather jacket and sunglasses intently looking at her. The man was none other than Sean Penn, 24 year old, young and brooding Hollywood actor who was considered to be sometimes violent, private and an extremely jealous man.

As soon as Madonna realised the man was Sean Penn, her heart skipped a beat. She was always fond of the young actor; finally, she met him at the bottom of the stairs. Though he was joking, Madonna did not really like his comment.

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You just go straight for the insult? Is that what you do? In that moment itself Madonna fantasized a family with Sean; she had a foreboding that he was the man of her dreams. Soon, the chemistry between them grew and they began dating. During those days, Madonna was already dating the music superstar Prince, whom she had met backstage at an American Awards earlier in January However, the brief affair of two months was over as soon as Sean entered her life. Though Madonna was successful, yet, she was a classic victim of stardom.

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When she went home her nights were lonely and filled with tears. It was arduous to get close to Madonna and know her temperament. She truly needed a sense of emotional intimacy in her life with a person who would truly love her. None of this is real. None of it. No different from a normal woman, Madonna also wanted to be loved, taken care of and wanted someone to hold on to. But the thought of being left alone scared her to get into any serious relationship.

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