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Still, one analyst who did not wish to be named said: "You'd have to expect this year to be better than last year.


The smoking ban won't hurt as much. PBL said introduction of a smoking ban in Victorian gaming venues from September last year "had a significant impact on Crown's gaming machine revenue".

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Gaming machine revenue fell 0. But the performance on poker machines outstripped fellow Victorian operator Tabcorp, which posted a slump in gaming earnings of 9. PBL said Crown's high-roller operation had weathered the impact of the severe acute respiratory syndrome crisis, saying it had increased turnover since the outbreak.

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Despite the falling turnover, the high rollers lost more to the casino than usual, or "above theoretical". Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Help using this website - Accessibility statement. Politics Print article. Ben Power. Frydenberg says Westpac will bounce back.

Quiet Australians aren't comfortable with climate change. ICAC asking fresh question about China's influence.

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Chinese 'spy' claim for asylum gets wary response. Why the Apple Watch is worth wearing again. Which psychotherapy books does a psychotherapist read? Deliveries by chauffeur: Harrolds set to make e-commerce debut.

How London's getting Frenchy and chic thanks to Australia. The honest Sylvan having seen little of the world, admired a man who was master of so valuable a quality as that of blowing heat, and therefore was resolved to entertain him in the best manner he could. He spread the table before him with dried fruits of several sorts; and produced a remnant of cold cordial wine, which, as the rigour of the season made very proper, he mulled with some warm spices, infused over the fire, and presented to his shivering guest.

Though the poor Traveller in the Fable was not guilty of any real crime in what he did, yet one cannot help approving the honest simplicity of the Satyr, who could not be reconciled to such double dealing. In, the moral sense of the fable, nothing can be more offensive to one of a sincere heart, than he that blows with a different breath from the same mouth; who flatters a man to his face, and reviles him behind his back. Some again, just like this man, to serve a present view, will blow nothing but what is warm, benevolent and cherishing; and when they have raised the expectations of a dependant to a degree which they think may prove troublesome, can, with putting on a cold air, easily chill and blast all his blooming hopes.

But such a temper, whether it proceeds from a designed or natural levity, is detestable, and has been the cause of much trouble and mortification to many a brave deserving man. And what a dismal, dreary way! So hot it was, as Aesop sung, It made our traveller scald his tongue; And wishing not again to do it, Our hero could not wait, but blew it. By none but rogues can that be done: You double-dealing wretch, begone!

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The traveller scarce deserved such wrath, For warming fingers—cooling broth. A Satyr, ranging in the forest in winter, came across a Traveller half starved with the cold. He took pity on him and invited him to go to his cave. On their way the Man kept blowing upon his fingers. Arrived at the cave, the Satyr poured out a mess of smoking pottage and laid it before the Traveller, who at once commenced blowing at it with all his might.

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Townsend version. A man and a Satyr once drank together in token of a bond of alliance being formed between them.

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One very cold wintry day, as they talked, the Man put his fingers to his mouth and blew on them. When the Satyr asked the reason for this, he told him that he did it to warm his hands because they were so cold. Later on in the day they sat down to eat, and the food prepared was quite scalding.

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The Man raised one of the dishes a little towards his mouth and blew in it. When the Satyr again inquired the reason, he said that he did it to cool the meat, which was too hot. Crane Poetry Visual. When to warm his cold fingers man blew, And again, but to cool the hot stew.

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  • Synonyms and antonyms of luckless in the English dictionary of synonyms?
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Satyrus et Viator. Satyrus viatorem, nive obrutum atque algore enectum, misertus ducit in antrum suum.