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After they talk quietly, Eunice reaches out and kisses Miriam, who is from that moment completely dazzled by her power. The women begin a journey across England, Eunice killing and Miriam mostly cleaning up after her, as we begin to understand how these two deeply scarred, incomplete personalities have somehow found the perfect fit. The writer, Frank Cottrell Boyce, and the director, Michael Winterbottom , show the relationship forming but allow it to be a mystery: Whatever draws these women together, logic is not relevant to it.

Miriam Saskia Reeves , her long-sleeved sweater buttoned over her clerk's smock, looks like an innocent, sentimental waif. Eunice Amanda Plummer looks hard-edged and worn by a lifetime of pain, and one of her small pleasures is to unbutton her blouse to show people that her gaunt body, covered with bruises, is wrapped in chains, her nipples pierced and linked.

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Yes, they do, Eunice says. She wants to be hurt. She is doing penance for her sins. At times she is articulate, wondering why nobody else will punish her. Is she so insignificant that God will let her murder people, and not even notice?

The movie wisely never explains exactly who she is or where she comes from; this is not a case study but a sad parable. From there, he said, the song poured out of him.

And he wept as he wrote it. The next day he played it for his wife. He couldn't even look at her as he sang it, because he was crying so much. She bawled too.

Kiss of the Butterfly

Later he played it for his daughter. Brian lives in New Jersey and is working on his next novel. Dan Olwell August 3, - am Reply. James Lyon August 3, - pm Reply. Thank you for such a great review, Brian. I have the book downloaded on my Kindle.


I am anxious to read it! When you read it, please drop me a note on the Kiss of the Butterfly facebook page and let me know what you think. Since reading is such a personal experience, reader feedback is invaluable to an author. Veritas August 3, - pm Reply. Yes and no.

Yes, in that it takes place roughly in the same part of the world. And the Historical Note at the end is a mind-blower, because I have a Ph.

Vampire August 4, - pm Reply.