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Plus tard Le match que j'ai vu je ne sais plus combien. Je ne me rappelle plus J'avais bu trop de vodka". Vous payez directement le chauffeur. En cash, of course. C'est un bon choix. Ce sera plus cher que vous le pensez.

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Ca en jette non? Car franchement, il y a de quoi. Alors mangeons. Et je ne suis pas au bout de mes surprises, sur la carte je peux lire que : Les produits sont locaux, de saison et la carte change toutes les semaines. Ils ont l'air de vraiment bien faire les choses ici. Certains plats ont pu varier depuis ma venue 1. Je crois que le bowl c'est la superstar du Petit Pas de doute, c'est LA nouvelle signature du restaurant et tant pis pour la pita. J'opte pour le bowl de la semaine A noter qu'en optant pour cette chouette initiative, je dispose d'un rabais d'1CHF sur le prix de ma soupe.

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Une vraie surprise. J'y retourne mardi prochain.

Le - : Les chaises hautes un peu inconfortables. Vous reconnaissez-vous dans ce genre de commentaire : " Superbe recette de banana bread au chocolat! Dear Forkers, May I ask you a question? I just replaced bananas with apples because bananas are boring , chocolate with coconut 'cause coconut is the new banana , added a few almonds, removed the eggs and the butter, cooked it half the time indicated and Well a great recipe indeed! But it's not MY fault!

This time I made no exception to the rule. In the past weeks I have seen a lot of recipes come up in the social media.

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Without hesitation I gave it a try They are composed of 3 distinct layers: 1 A oat flake's crunchy base; 2 A caramel cream filling; and 3 A chocolate covering, either melting or crispy according to your preferences. Whether you've like this recipe, do not hesitate to send me your remarks, pictures or any questions you may have. Personnellement, pas vraiment. En la faisant cuire cette malotrue. Dear Forker, I am delighted to share with you a new recipe, which I took the greatest pleasure to prepare, to photograph and the best part to eat.

My Plum Pie Are you a plum's addict? Personally, I'm not stop doing your "why am I here" look. I find this fruit difficult to eat I mean if you're wearing a white shirt, just forget about it , relatively acid, and the flesh which is thin but resistant seems to exist only for the purpose to hide a big kernel. Well, let's say I am more greedy than rancorous. This is the reason why I decided to give this ungrateful fruit a second chance By toasting it. Well deserved for this mischievous. To be served immediately while the plums are still hot, it's much better ;-D But you can eat it cold the day after, it's still delicious Of course feel free to share your impressions, suggestions and any questions you may have!

Horreur, il est 11h Un fruit? Pas raisonnable. L'Invasion du Snack "Sain" Aujourd'hui lorsque vous ouvrez votre tiroir, il y a de fortes chances pour que vous y trouviez Puisque c'est un snack "sain", pourquoi s'en priver? Parce que Heureusement, les marques qui jouent vraiment le jeu ne manquent pas plus? Cette raison? A notre avantage?

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  8. Sans doute. Vous pouvez vous en inspirer si cela vous permet d'y voir plus clair. L'important c'est de le savoir Parfums : Dans cette gamme vous trouverez Chocolat noir coco voir photo , Chocolat au lait amande, et Chocolat noir noisettes. Avis : Gros coup de coeur pour cette marque suisse! Leur texture varie entre le moelleux fondant, et le croustillant. You're sitting quietly at your desk when suddenly, your belly lets out a cry of terror close to the pterodactyl's one.

    Your colleagues smile at you while, embarrassed, you take a look at your smartphone how is that, a watch? Resigned, you open the drawer: A fruit? Well, noting to marvel at.

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    Plus it's Monday. A chocolate bar? It's not reasonable.

    A cup of coffee or tea? Exactly what you need to make it worse. That is the way it used to be. The Healthy Snack Invasion Today when you open your drawer, there is a high probability that you find Come on, "Them" Energy Bars They have literally invaded my office and the supermarkets my office especially. Within a few months, they have become THE trendy snack. Let's say Marketing is a real success.

    Healthy: It's full of fiber, magnesium, protein etc Energizing: In our ultra connected life flying so quickly, it's the energy shot we need to keep moving on. Gourmet: We should not forget to indulge ourselves. For this, manufacturers offer a wide range of unlimited flavors, fruits, chocolate, and even carrot cake, brownie or tiramisu Their ultimate goal: guilt-free feelings when you're nibbling.

    And guess what? It works. I can tell by the fact, I fell into the magic cauldron myself: "And not just a little" I started eating one a week, then a day. Since it is a healthy snack, why not go for it? Behind these sexy packaging, nutrition labels can reveal some surprises: - Astronomical amounts of added sugar; - Saturated fat quantities you've never thought of; - Unpronounceable chemical additives. To give you an idea, some bars may contain more than 25g of added sugar. It's the equivalent of the daily amount recommended by the World Health Organization.

    Fortunately, brands which are playing along are numerous. There are never been so many tasty and nutritious well-balanced snacks on the market. The reason? Money my dear, always money. In , a study conducted by the french newspaper Les Echos, revealed that the healthy snack European market was already worth 7. The lack of time for proper lunches, the need for cheap meals, the expansion of nomadic consumption, the return of the 11am break and the "after school snack" at 4pm To our advantage?

    Without a doubt. Personally I have had the impression that suppliers have kept offering healthier and better quality products. Understandable and short compositions, raw bars filled with dates or dried figs natural sweetening by the way , the increase use of cocoa and dark chocolate Nutritional labels also improved.

    J'aime les fruits - alain le lait (I like fruits)

    There is less sugar, salt, fat, packaging are deemed to be recycled, the ecological footprint is moderated, products are more and more organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, even vegan That's why I wrote 4 simple rules I apply whenever I need to make my selection. You can follow them whether it provides you some help when shopping. Find my favorite bars at the end of this article I called it Those tips, I share them with you trough the eye of an attentive and passionate consumer.

    As you can see, those are very simple rules to apply.

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    But they're a good reminder when I am about to give in on a nice packaging without thinking twice. As a better illustration of these points, I am sharing with you some of my favorite energy bars. The important thing is being aware of it, and to adapt in consequence ;- My Selection Small point: Presentation's order does not matter as it's solely an illustration of my personal tastes.