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Our international group sat together amid many contradictions.

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We thought about the changing climate as a prankster, fond of unexpected ironies and topsy-turvy inequities. Some of us came from coastlands threatened by rising tides; some came from places gripped by drought. We sheltered from drenching rain in a city with a shortage of drinking water.

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Even though the conference was held in Mexico, a majority of our group participants were English speakers from the United States and Canada. We traveled by plane to talk about the urgency of reducing emissions. Though we were often tempted by earnest solemnity, each discordant reality embodied in our collective urged us to consider the punch line, the satire, and the clown as perhaps more appropriate aesthetic signatures for an imbalanced and hypocritical era. In the spirit of disruption, we avoided a tidy, hierarchical schedule. Rather than emphasize teaching and expertise, we divided our time into short workshops, available for participants to test bits, share ideas, and pilot performances for feedback.

We moved, and joked, and laughed, sharing collaborative feedback for plays and books and interventions in development. Like a seedbed, our gathering nourished a wide range of projects and perspectives, which will continue to sprout in many different places through the coming seasons. Given the multilingual and multifaceted nature of our group, we resisted this invitation.

Instead of one voice, we elected four, speaking in English, Spanish, and Portuguese—all three official languages of the convening. The following text is the report as we presented it, and a representation of the raucous, multimodal nature of our time together. Photo by Una Chaudhuri.

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It is through this medium that we wish to share with you a very great sorrow: the death of our humanity. Today, we say goodbye with great pain in our hearts.

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We must follow in her steps and move forward without her, without her physical presence, convinced that at no time in our lives we will we stop loving her and having her on our minds. Today, given the recent death, we must welcome the more-than-human consciousness, one that involves respect and recognition of the wisdom of our ancestors and of the trees themselves. On the other hand, we do not mourn but rather celebrate the recent death of the Malthusian Theory.

We say goodbye to the problematic, fundamentally racist and sexist theory, and we welcome old and new ideas that welcome life, embrace courage, and promote strength in a manner consistent with all ideas and longings for a healthy and sustainable planet. What is porosity?

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This week, a diverse group of artists, academics, and activists came together to attempt to define and put into action an ideology that fundamentally decentralizes the human being and gives space to everything we call the more-than-human. Seeds, water, corn, and mud, among many other things, were among the artifacts that made up our altar.

And this is how we introduced ourselves to one another. It was in this way, through the construction of this altar, that we offered anecdotes about our relationships to the objects offered and placed on the altar. When I was younger, I remember my grandmother had a penchant for turning our beloved adages and sayings on their head. Instead, each individual in our group led their own mini-group, with whom they shared their unique methodologies, ideas, and theories about performance and art in the midst of the climate crisis.

Today, we present only one of the many exercises that we hope will allow us to continue our collective porosity towards a future where the absurd is used as a weapon in the face of denial of the climatological crisis. For example, talking to friends in Mexico City, they told me how absurd it is that given how much it rains in the city, there is still a shortage of water. They agree that, yes, the first ten minutes of rain consist of toxic water, but what happens after that clears? It is absurd in this city that sources of fresh water end up in the sewage and that, having a person whose degree is in Environmental Sciences at the head of their government, they recently reduced the budget to combat forest fires.

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  7. These are just some specific, localized examples of the absurdity of climate crisis. We intend to continue to use the power of paradox to combat ignorance. And what germinated in this group was only the beginning of what I am sure will be a positive movement towards porosity.

    PDF CEH Certified Ethical Hacker AllinOne Exam Guide Fourth Edition eBook Matt Walker

    Thank you. The principles articulated in the playbook reflect and support the kind of art that is more interested in understanding and unraveling the ideological roots of ecological crisis than in offering so-called solutions to the so-called problem. The problem-solving model is just another turn of the screw of the idea of progress, complicit with so many histories of domination and dispossession.