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Solicitor Mike Farnsworth said he was surprised to hear about the increasing numbers of girls getting involved with gangs. Wake Up Surrey, an anti-crime advocacy group, hopes the forum will help create a resilient society against gang and gun violence.

Girls in da hood

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World Canada Local. Police worried as gangs increasingly target girls for recruitment.

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Search Submit search Suggested Search. Close X. She gets initiated into the gang with the plan to stop her boyfriend and his cartel family. Once she achieves this she knows she will be free. What she doesn't realize is that once you're in the girl gang you can't Written by Author. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Sign In.

Der erste True-Crime-Sender

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Police worried as gangs increasingly target girls for recruitment - BC |

Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Who could be afraid of a bunch of girls? He must not have been from nearby. He was still laughing, almost falling over from hilarity, when the first knife hit him in the thigh. It took a second blade to the shoulder before his face went serious, and by then, the girls were all over him.

The first two girls kept stabbing at his thighs and a third at his upper arms. A fourth one grabbed his hair, slicing off uneven bits of it. The smallest girl in the bunch had a little paring knife, which she jabbed at his hands each time he tried to push a girl away or grab one of them and fight back.

When they decided he had had enough, they all rose in unison, forming a circle around him as he lay bleeding on the ground. The elfin girl, who had been watching the entire affair from the side, walked into the center of the circle.

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One of the others handed her a large serrated knife. She leaned down and grabbed him by the shirt. He scrambled to get to his feet, but the other girls closed in, wielding their weapons, and he quickly got back down and stayed there. The girl took the knife and held it to his throat for a minute. She leaned down and whispered something into his ear. And then she sliced through his shirt and pulled it off of him, throwing it onto the grass.

The man shivered. The girl in the tutu came over and pulled the shoes off of his feet. She took his socks, too, pummeling him about the face with them for a moment before running off and jamming the shoes and socks down the storm drain. But she leaned in, her knife to his crotch, and did not pull back. The man was squirming now, trying to get up again, but all the other girls knelt on the ground and held down his arms and legs.

The girl in the red tank top sliced off his underwear and threw it into the street. I looked around, trying to absorb what had just happened. Should I call the police?

Differences between Gang Girls and Gang Boys: Results from a Multisite Survey

And if I did, would I be calling them to help him or the girl he had accosted? The man stumbled to his feet, picking up the tattered remnants of his clothing and trying, with little success, to cover himself. He had only limped a few steps toward the sidewalk when a cop car pulled up, bleeping the siren at him once. I stepped away from the window and walked through the rest of the day in a daze. I ate cookies and popcorn for dinner.

I lay on the floor and listened over and over to an old record I had loved as a teenager. I got in front of the bathroom mirror and put on all the makeup I owned, trying to make myself look like someone familiar. That night, I lay in bed, unable to sleep despite the perfect cool breeze drifting in through the window screen. A memory was unearthing itself: of being twelve, of being part of my own girl gang. After rescuing a stray cat from a boy who was throwing rocks at it, we waged a summer-long campaign of torture against the boy, beating on him mercilessly, mocking him, and setting up elaborate hoaxes to convince him his house was haunted.

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We drove him so far over the edge that his family had to move away. How had I forgotten I had been one of those girls, too?

The terrifying rise of the all-girl gang

How had I forgotten what the world was? I drifted off sometime after midnight, but woke again just a few hours later. There was a sound coming from outside, a prolonged scream that sounded like it could tear the sky apart. I got up and looked out the window, saw girls lining up along the street, screaming into the night. Just standing there, all of them, faces toward the stars, shrieking. I went downstairs and out the front door, left the gate open, joined them on the sidewalk.

Across the street, the old woman who lived in the overgrown cottage was coming out, too. All around, women were walking out their front doors and coming to the sidewalk, young mothers and old widows and those of us somewhere in the middle, something else. I lifted my face and howled. We all did. All the girls and women in the neighborhood, we all screamed for what we had and lost, and what we had brought upon ourselves, and what we would never have.

A good fiction piece. Had me going for more. I wanted to know the outcome of those ugly girl gang. Almost wanted to have a gun to show them some respect.