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All of this shows that George is a caring person who is loyal to Lennie and can't stand to see him bullied or hurt. The reader respects George for this as they understand how hars it must be for George. However, we also see that George has an aggressive side. He frequently snaps at Lennie - "George exploded. We also learn that George used to be a bad person in the past to Lennie when George confesses to all ti Slim. George used to tell Lennie to "jump" into a pool, even though he "couldn't swim". He also used to "beat the hell out of him". The reader can see that George used to be like Curley currently is in the novel.

However, we learn that George has changed and regrets his past and is now a better person, but he still sometimes abuses Lennie and orders him around.

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The reader can sympathise with George as they realise it must be frustrating to be constantly be looking out for Lennie and staying with him through all of the trouble that they land in. George is also occasionally presented as a slightly cold and callous character when he says things to Lennie which clearly hurt him. When George claims that he "goes nuts" when thinking of the time he could be without Lennie.

This clearly hurts Lennie as he will offer to go and find a cave and leave George to be free. However, George counteracts this as he is also presented as a sorrow and thoughtful character when George admits that "I have been mean". This shows that George sometimes regrets his harsh words, which makes the reader forgive him for sometimes being cruel to Lennie. George even gets Lennie a "pup" for being mean to him. Steinbeck also presents George as an intelligent man with "sharp features".

This suggests that George is quick to pick up on things. Slim complements George for being a "smart guy" suggesting that it isn't only the reader who picks up on George's intelligence. George's intelligence is also shown when he gets mad when inspecting his new bed and finds a "repellant" that kills "ticks". He clearly cares about his personal hygene, which is more than can be said for others on the ranch, which shows George's intelligence.

As I have shown in this esay, many of George's traits are shown through his actions and dialogue with Lennie. Steinbeck presents George as someone who is reliant. George clearly relies on Lennie, because without Lennie, he would be "lonely" and "become mean". Also, George knows that he is safe when Lennie is around, as no one would "tangle" with George if they had to face Lennie.

The reader admires this as it shows that George is a trusting person. He trusts Lennie to support him though he doesn't trust his memoary. George also instantly trusts Slim, which suggests that George is a good judge of character. George is also presented as a realistic person. He may recite the dream to Lennie, but he "always knowed we'd never do her". George did however have some hope when Candy was involved. George's main dream was to be alone with Lennie so that he knew that Lennie wouldn't get into any trouble, whic hshows how much George considers Lennie a big part of his life.

George's care for Lennie is clearly shown at the end of the novel when George shoots Lennie. George is clearly upset at his actions as "he stared at the hand that held the gun". George clearly did it for Lennie's oen good, a selfless act. This emphasises to the reader how caring and considerate George was.

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In this essay, I have written about how George is presented in 'of Mice and Men' and the readers opinion of him. Not what you're looking for? GreenLantern1 Badges: 0. Report 7 years ago 2. Original post by matty What do you think of George and the way he is presented to the reader? Report Thread starter 7 years ago 3. Original post by GreenLantern1 Firstly Of Mice and Men is a novella rather than a novel - minute detail but thought i might include it.

You use 'throughout the novel' too much and it gets repetitive making it boring. These are all minute details; other than that it is excellent. I would give Miracle Day Badges: Report 7 years ago 4. I marked it as I would an A Level answer though. Report Thread starter 7 years ago 5. Report 7 years ago 6. Thank you anyway!

Report Thread starter 7 years ago 7. Original post by Miracle Day An A. What's this for? IslandMan Badges: 0. Report 7 years ago 8. You need to embed your quotes better not quite seamless yet and beginning an essay with "In this essay, I am going to write about" is not the best way to start its unnecessary the examiner can see what question your answering and never end an essay like you did its just clunky. If you want to structure it add a conclusion which brings new evidence to support your idea of George and how he's presented.

Report 7 years ago 9. What parts could I improve on? Thank you! Report Thread starter 7 years ago Original post by IslandMan You need to embed your quotes better not quite seamless yet and beginning an essay with "In this essay, I am going to write about" is not the best way to start its unnecessary the examiner can see what question your answering and never end an essay like you did its just clunky.

In the exam.. I got an A by just by reading To Kill a Mockingbird twice, watching the movie once, and doing the same for Inspector Calls Didn't even learn much quotes, besides the basics that were engrained in my memory that stood out. For example say if I was Lenny and I was reciting what happened, I would talk about say I remember George saying "I want to tend the rabbits" etc..

Easy A Also not many people chose the empathy questions, so whereas markers will be reading the other question and setting the bar high.. Report 7 years ago Original post by matty We are unlikely get empathy questions on our exam though , its a new spec. Original post by Miracle Day It's changed since last year?

Steinbeck wrote about the labor issues and other issues he saw in the United States of America The story is of two men trying to survive with one another in a world full of loneliness; their relationship is quite rare and strange. Lennie, a large bear, has a mental disability which causes him to be in a childlike state. George, a much smaller and more competent man takes care of both of them. Although they work for others on ranches, their dream is to get by on their own and live off the land Almost every event that is important was foreshowed at some people, such as the multiple deaths that occur throughout.

If Steinbeck wasn't so prolific in his use of foreshadowing the readers experience would be very different. In Of Mice and Men, almost every character and setting is used for foreshadowing, and it begins right away. The first scene depicting a calm, serene, peaceful haven of sorts, reminiscent of Eden, was the first bit of foreshadowing, although initially it didn't seem so These are difficult to look past.

George and Lennie embark on a search for a job in the midst of the Great Depression. Lennie, a large man with a mental disability, follows George, a man with wits and drive Of Mice and Men is the story about lonely men who travel from ranch to ranch and they do not connect with other ranch hands In the start of the novel we learn that the men here run away from their previous job, but the worst is yet to come , their dreams are about to be shattered. George realises that in order to take Lennie out of this vulnerable position, he needs to make a decision; it is shocking and terrible.

Candy Analysis: 'Of Mice and Men'

Although the novel is short the themes are complicated We first learn about Curleys wife when candy warns George and Lennie about her during their conversations, the source uses the following quote to display Candy 's feelings about Curleys wife. There have been countless stage productions of the book and three film adaptations. The most recent film version was in , and it starred Gary Sinise and John Malkovich. While the film version remains mainly true to the original book, there are a few differences that are noticeable.

While many think that a film can actually enhance a story by adding a visual to the text, it often times falls short Their dreams however, vary from person to person, based on past experiences. While some people will chose to try to own a small farm in California, others will want to go to Hollywood and become an actress.

Though American dreams are commonly found in living people they are also able to be within fictional characters as well; such as in Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck. Only American dreams can go astray due to problems that were not foreseen Lennie is not mentally capable to stay out of trouble, so he ends up killing animals, and eventually a person.

Finally George decides to take Lennie 's life, because it would make his own life easier.

Selfishness is acting driven by oneself ' needs and wants as motives Throughout the Novella, there is a consistent theme of loneliness that reflects on each character individually and affects their lives, hopes and dreams. From the very beginning of the Novella, we are presented with two characters- George and Lennie, and there is an obvious theme of loneliness as we see how George mothers Lennie One specific classic, the quest, is most notably known from many literature novels. The character Lennie in the novel Of Mice and Men demonstrates the archetype of the quest by facing trying challenges, and the goal of a peaceful life.

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During the course of the novel, Lennie is faced with a variety of challenges. The first impediment he encounters is remembering everyday things in general. For example, at one point he thinks he has lost his working ticket when he was never in possession of it in the first place Loneliness is an inevitable fact of life and cannot be avoided, as shown prevalent through each of the characters in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. Each and every character in this novel exhibits loneliness. Lennie was isolated for being mentally handicapped, Candy was isolated for being old and disabled, Crooks was for being black, Curley's wife for being a woman, and George for having to care for Lennie and being unable to socialize with others because of Lennie's Powerful Essays words 6.

John Steinbeck had experience of life, as a farm labourer and could be why he chooses to tell the story about George Milton and Lennie Smalls, two ranchmen in Americas South West The story opens with Ranchmen George and Lennie fleeing their old workplace, with Lennie having been accused of rape Powerful Essays words 4. It is one of Steinbeck 's influential novels. The book talks about lonely lives of two migrant workers, George Milton and Lennie Small.

John Steinbeck wrote Of Mice and Men in order to express his social conscience about America in the 's.