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Geddy said he can almost hear the hash oil in the grooves of this record. That makes sense when listening to those two monsters. They're not as focused as what came after. The hazy finale to Necromancer kind of dulls the impact of the heavy riffs before. And Fountain wanders all over the place without ever becoming definitive.

But man, it does feel great to light up a stick of Nag Champa and listen to these two back to back, savoring the little moments and remembering younger days. Jerjo , Nov 26, Location: Toronto. Love it, Caress is one of my favourite Rush albums. That whole mid 70's Rush era holds such a special place for me.

Lucky enough to see the June 75 show pictured on the album. As a 13 year old budding guitarist I couldn't believe a local guitar player and band could be that great. By-Tor at that show blew me away. When Caress Of Steel was being recorded that summer, me and my dad would drive by the recording studio on Overlea Blvd.

YYNOT – Page 2 – No Treble

She lived on Thorncliffe just north of Toronto Sound. Often wondered if Rush was recording The Necromancer or Lamneth when we were driving by. If I remember correctly, they played Massey Hall again in winter '76 before was released. Plexi , Nov 26, Location: Denmark. Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada. TwentySmallCigars , Nov 27, Location: Big Bear Lake, California. Just as good an album as imo. I love that one. I would also love "The Necromancer" if I could find a version with the narration removed.

I hate that narration but love everything else about "The Necromancer. Last edited: Nov 27, Just had another listen. I think the album might have fared better if the tracklisting was altered. Personally, I don't like the first two tracks and always skip over them. It makes the album a lot shorter but still longer than Permanent Waves. Well, it's been nearly a week, but you're still not making me go back to Fountain Of Lamneth! Harry Hood , Dec 2, Location: Australia. Hello, Great album!!! It also reflects their love for J.

Ciao, Gregster. Gregster , Dec 2, ArpMoog likes this. Location: USA. While I dig the concept I don't think it was executed as flawlessly as or Hemispheres. Still, a great song though. It's good, just not as refined as what came later. Still some great moments. How odd that you would ask this question now! I've been listening to TFOL all week long, and really loving it! Cake Day.

25 Days of Rush: Caress of Steel (1975)

Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Opinions on The Fountain of Lamneth? It rocks big time! Dog Years. Dog Years 2. Double Agent. Double Agent Guitar tab. Double Agent Bass tab. Double Agent Drum tab. Double Agent 2. Double Agent Ver 2 Guitar tab. Dream Line Bass tab. Dreamline Guitar tab. Dreamline Bass tab. Dreamline 2. Dreamline Ver 2 Guitar tab. Driven Guitar tab. Driven Bass tab.

Rush - Caress of Steel - first listen!

Driven 2. Driven Ver 2 Bass tab. Ed Barchetta Drum tab. Emotion Detector. Emotion Detector Guitar chord. Emotion Detector 2. Enemy Within Bass tab.

Entre Nous. Entre Nous Guitar tab. Entre Nous Bass tab. Entre Nous Drum tab. Entre Nous 2.

25 Days of Rush: Caress of Steel (1975)

Entre Nous Ver 2 Guitar tab. Everyday Glory. Everyday Glory Guitar tab. Everyday Glory Drum tab. Everyday Glory 2. Face Up. Face Up Bass tab. Face Up 2. Farewell To Kings Drum tab. Finding My Way. Finding My Way Guitar tab. Finding My Way Bass tab.

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Finding My Way 2. Finding My Way Rush.