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Highly recommended! This is highly recommended if you are a parent or a problematic adult or teen with issues and questions that stem from past relationships with family.


Val - a dollmaker who calls himself Dollman, his parents, his neighbors Regina and Raphael, a sick child, and a magical muse are the main characters of this compelling "musical. As a musical, he was able to blend reality with fantasy, and, ultimately, redemption.

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Create Widget. About Valentino Zubiri. A Memoir of an Artist as a Dollmaker Val is also currently writing a science fiction series. It devotes a large portion to his discovery and implementation of the psychic healing techniques he learned from a genuine psychic surgeon. This is a journey that started three decades ago, which only made full circle when his father developed pancreatic cancer in By writing about psychic healing as a memoir, he working to become a fixture in the paranormal field, while avoiding intense scrutiny from regulators and members of the more scientific community.

Val shares the secret knowledge and techniques related to psychic healing with his readers without the need to write a how-to book which he himself would find questionable. He said that in Asia, it is believed that if you make origami paper cranes, your wish will be granted. He attached the red AIDS ribbon to the beak of the crane because he wished for a cure.

Clarity From Chaos. There are only 6 dolls in the series and this is the first doll not only in the series, but the first one he has ever released. This is a one of a kind OOAK ball-jointed art doll BJD intended for art investors, art collectors and other financial and investment companies. Galleries and other representatives may resell the dolls. The Ebay prices have been decided upon by the artist. Prices vary according to the relative time of production and completion of the work relative to the series, and other challenges and considerations.

The artist hopes that his works will be viewed as an asset by financial institutions, as they make their reports based on the price paid and the last current asking price. You are encouraged to purchase the lowest priced works first. The entire doll is made up of various materials, including porcelain, metal, rubber and fabric. If you have any allergies, please ask first before you make your decision to acquire Mr. Zubiri's work. Be mindful of the fact that this is not a toy and should only be displayed. Behind the left ear is Mr. This is handwritten using china paint.

The unique series of numbers and the photograph of the handwriting should help to prevent fake works, especially in the future. All pigments and paints used to color the porcelain, including the writing behind the left ear, are guaranteed to be china paint. Carl Brandon Parallax Award. ALA Notable Book. Frank Collymore Literary Award. Prix des Lecteurs de la Ville de Vincennes. Stella Prize Longlist. Wall Street Journal Best Fiction. Jan Michalski Prize for Literature Finalist. Cybils Award. Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction Longlist.

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Marsh Award for Children's Literature in Translation. Vance Palmer Prize for Fiction Shortlist. Scotiabank Giller Prize Longlist. Prix Lire dans le noir. Wales Book Of The Year.

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