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However there are guides out there on how to convert plastic Space Marines into Pre-Heresy marines, so if you're serious about making a pre-heresy army, that is where you should start. Note you need a LOT of bodies to make a pre-heresy army, so plan accordingly.

The best part?

Book: The Horus Heresy. False Gods

Everything has a plethora of options and it's all to the quality of a standard GW kit. Due to people bulking up on models by purchasing multiple boxes, the unique characters from the Prospero box go for peanuts on eBay because no one wants more than one. GW's sells the individual contents of the Betrayal at Calth and Burning of Prospero boxed games on their own now too, but as with all modern GW purchases, it's a much better deal to buy the boxed sets.

The other option, if you are okay ethically with it is to seek out Forge World recasters on Ebay or other dubious sites to build your 30k army.

Storm Draugar

If you are ethically challenged enough, you can score a high percentage of the model line at a fraction of full Forge World prices. Doing so is pretty simple. Do a keyword search in the 40k Ebay category for the item you are looking for and find sellers of short duration "buy it now" auctions based in China. But buy them quickly when you see them, and feel free saving the seller to your favourites as even though recasters tend to change accounts every few days to keep ahead of their being deleted by Ebay they usually come back to the account eventually.

One would think that it might be kind of risky to buy from these guys, but this is not the case. I even had one give me a refund on an incorrect order! Many also offer free shipping as well! The only real down sides is the shipping time from China to the civilized world might take a while, and you have to ask yourself if you are OK with feeding IP thieves that no doubt use children as slave labour.

But then again Forgeworld's books are printed in China. The first and most important thing to remember about a legion is this: Everything is expensive as fuck and not worth their points. To elaborate, using the basic list your two mandatory troops will cost you points at the minimum. Most armies can get away with spending around points allowing them to spend more on cool shit and usually even those two squads will be able to take wargear that makes them adaptable to just about any situation.

Your two tac squads are good at one thing, and that is gunning down infantry, and they're not even good at that for their points. Your army needs a plan to combine your special rules and if you don't have that, your units will become horribly inefficient. You need to think beyond simple combos like that though, your entire army needs to interlock the bottom of this page shows a good example. Combinations like these makes a legion list far, far greater than the sum of it's parts.

There are are also particular synergies with certain Legions which combined with rites of war, can be utterly devastating Raven Guard Terminators, jump infantry and bikers gain Furious Charge!

  1. Proof of Solomon's mines found in Israel;
  2. "If you can read this sentence, I can prove God exists".
  3. Book 1: Horus Rising.

Look for synergy with your Legion and play to your strengths. Don't think you are restricted to the 'stereotypical' army for a legion, however.

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The Iron Warriors weren't exactly known for their jetbike companies, but surprising combos can pop up if you think outside the box in this case, jetbikes flying around pinning shit with shrapnel bolts for your assault dudes to mop up. Legion forces might have a kit of cool stuff but most of the units are far more restrictive in what they can do and what you can take. Your units are highly specialized: tactical squads with bolters only, heavy support squads squad with heavy weapons only, tactical support squads with special weapons only. Each model in the heavy or special weapons squad has to take the SAME gun.

In many ways the Legions list is like a Craftworld Space Marine army, just manlier on a much larger scale and manlier , and like the Eldar you need a good mix of units to be effective. These can be brutally effective, the Salamanders can drop-pod in and really bring the hurt.

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  • Гибель поэта (Russian Edition).
  • Book: The Horus Heresy. Galaxy In Flames.
  • The Paradox Maker (The Paradocian Trilogy Book 1) Matthew Chapman.
  • Woman in Hiding: A True Tale of Backdoor Abuse, Dark Secrets & Other Evil Deeds?
  • Instead they have a rule that lets them regroup regardless of casualties nice, but not NEARLY as good , plus additional rules depending on your legion. Be wary of assault dudes getting close to your guys in the backline, as a failed leadership roll means they will run off the table, so you don't even get a chance to re-group negating even this bonus. Conversely, try and get your assault dudes in the offending army's backline, as a failed leadership roll means they will run off the table, so they don't get a chance to regroup, learn your weaknesses and make the enemy bleed for them.

    With 3 HQ slots it's entirely possible to, and it can be a big mistake. There will be games where he is turned into a fine, red mist floating over ruined and melted chunks of armor before he ever does anything useful. Do not spend points trying to make him into a combat monster, because it will not work. One unlucky invul save and he is gone.

    Bring him for the right reasons and don't spend too much the baseline being an Iron Halo, Paragon Blade and maybe some digital lasers. He's the only way to get AP2 at initiative without special, legion or character specific wargear. Since most armies will pick a theme and stick with it a combined-arms being very expensive and unless you know exactly what you're doing, prone to having your genius plan shot out from under you as the famous saying goes: One of something is a target, Two is a tactic and Three is a strategy you need to be able to handle just about anything, entire armies of planes, or land raiders, or terminators.

    Proof of Solomon's mines found in Israel

    Good AA includes bringing planes of your own even one Xiphon causes your opponent's strike wing to crash into the ground, with no survivors or Mortis-dreads. Entire armies of land raider might skimp out on Armoured Ceramite considering it might cost points to give it to every vehicle in the army, so don't discount meltas immediately, grav-guns and laser destroyers are also good options. The classic anti- Terminator is, and will always be, plasma as well as basically any AP2 weapon or just drowning them in tons of bolter rounds.

    Armour is plentiful, and relatively cheap. Fielding squadrons of 3 Predators is impressive and combined with certain Legion's Rites of War Iron Hands and Iron Warriors have some good Armour related rules can make them dangerous Outflanking Squadron of Predators! But the ultimate is the Sicaran, for pts you get a Beast of a medium tank, that will spank any other Medium or light vehicle, even flyers on a good roll, and is very effective against troops with massed S7 shots. The rapid tracking helps against flyers, although it's not primarily an Anti-Unit, you can get lucky with the sheer amount of shots.

    If you like Space Marine Vehicles and to field them en masse, there are some Brutal builds available if you choose wisely. So take a Spartan as transport gaining all of the vehicle stuff above for Ferrus, chuck in a pt Gorgon Termie squad. For pts you end up with a Tough Mechanised Army. You can even swap one of the Sicarans for a Venator for extra Anti-Armour goodness. Jump to: navigation , search. There is only war in the grim darkness of Warhammer Optional Force Organization Charts There are several optional Force Org charts that you can use an alternative to the regular one.

    Much more than documents.

    Onslaught Force Organization Chart The big guns. But you don't really care, you've brought your steam rollers to this fight. He is now your Warlord, is scoring and gains the following Warlord Trait. May Overwatch at different targets, but a single weapon may only Overwatch once per turn. Mission Specific Force Organization Charts As a further addition to the optional Force Org charts, there are other charts which are specifically for particular missions in the Age of Darkness, such a Strategic Raids or Cityfight.

    Strategic Raid: Raider Detachment Favouring a fast, hard-hitting play-style using expensive units, can only be taken in missions where one player is designated as an attacker. That means you can't take a Primarch. ALSO This rule makes your Elite units into scoring units, at a cost of making your Troops units into denial units only. Fortress-Bound: All fortifications with battlements or a transport capacity must start the game being occupied by at least one infantry unit from the same detachment.

    Cityfight: Incursion Force Representing a small incursion force, there are not many options available here. Close Coordination: Your units gain Interceptor against incoming infantry units, so long as they are within 6" of a vehicle from the same detachment. Cityfight: Entrenched Force Another defender type chart, with several fortifications available, the ability to use a Rite of War and gain Objective Secured.

    Essentially, as long as your Dark Angel is wielding some sort of sword, you increase your weapon skill by. Maybe because Librarians are not full on weebs like the rest of their Legion. This is a not-insignificant bonus in equal match-ups which are all too common in the Horus Heresy era, and unlike some other Legions this applies broadly to all models with a sword rather than just characters or in challenges, so your regular assault and tactical squads got about Just remember other Legions also have their own CC benefits, some of which entirely negate yours by leap-frogging your WS Sonic Shriekers, Incarnate Violence or apply with fewer conditions A Talent for Murder, Encarmine Fury while getting other LA benefits , unlike you who only gets this bonus outside of the rites of war, meaning you can still get left behind in a fight.

    Not a bad rule per se, but not applicable to the same degree as other Legion melee bonuses. Thankfully you can mitigate this with Stasis Grenades, so always take them. Taking a Herald with the WS-boosting Banner of the Aquila will also give you some more breathing room with regards to WS and even allow you to tangle better with other Legions' Elite melee infantry given this rule. It works against Invisibility, just like Kharn's special rule. That training with closed eyes finally starts to pay off!

    This rule is rather useless against Mechanicum Monstrous Creatures and Custodes. Stasis Grenades won't be that useful as most of their guns out range or have a higher damage output over them. While the one unit that can survive more than one turn in Assault. Terminators, would be better off with Fists or Hammers.

    Combi-Grenade Launchers while versatile. Can only use one type per turn and not good enough to win the shooting match with Krak grenades at S6 AP4. Your not playing DA correctly if you don't bring some Plasma The lack of a real Deathwing Knights equivalent and the options for allies for their DA exclusive Rites really burns here. So it would be better to take Hammers and Mauls for Concussive instead.

    A Mathematician's Journeys

    An option also worth considering if your opponent is using a tank heavy army as his primary. Covenant of Death: If your opponent finishes the game with more units than you they get D3 victory points. Do note this also takes Allies into account, so either finish those Imperial Militia hordes or bring some of your own. Says "in play", and fleeing units don't count, so messing with their reserves Divide to Conquer WT, Explorator Augury web, etc. This rule heavily resembles the Martial Hubris yoke that the Alpha Legion are burdened with; however, it's the inverse in one aspect, and that's that a Dark Angels list can counter it by taking as many small units as possible.

    Although this won't be enough alone for some armies , when facing enemy Marines it means the rule won't be triggered unless you're already losing anyway. It's awfully tempting to build up some juicy Deathstars with the 1st's wargear and RoWs, but you can find yourself paying the D3 price. For the same cost as the Nanyte Blaster you get a box that causes Fear once per game.

    Not fantastic, although the wording implies EVERY unit in combat with a unit on the bearers side , so you get a chance to drop the entire enemy army down to WS1 for a turn Yeah, it might help you to fulfill 'Covenant of Death', but that'd be more akin to patching a problem rather than gaining a benefit. Beware of the many Fear-ignoring and high Ld units in the game, tho.

    Where it truly shines is against multi-wound units and MCs, like the Mechanicum's. Dark Angels characters get these puppies as a straight replacement for power swords. This means you can put them on your Sergents. So use those extras to give your Power Sword armed assault units a cheap upgrade.