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Fortunately for him, a nurse — who just happens to be his number one fan — manages to pull him from the wreckage. Seven strangers wake up to find themselves forced to undertake a myriad of perverse challenges in disturbingly clinical confines, entirely devoid of a stress-relieving sense of place.

With their surroundings provoking such a sense of urgency for escape, they must use their intellect and powers of deductive reasoning if they want to make it out alive. Just your average weekend! Romero was so impressed with that he asked Pegg and Wright to cameo as zombies in his very own Land of the Dead.

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For fans of: Any zombie movie you can think of and Tucker and Dale vs Evil. After the still birth of their third child, Kate and John decide to adopt Russian orphan Esther in an attempt to get their lives back on track.

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  8. Shot POV style, the film puts us well and truly in the shoes of the owner of a Los Angeles mannequin renovation shop who develops a lust for blood when he becomes obsessed with a young artist who turns to him for help with her latest exhibit. Despite initial reservations he attends but, after sharing a few drinks and jokes, he soon realises Eden invited them with a sinister ulterior motive in mind.

    Logan Marshall-Green Upgrade plays the tormented Will.

    Three Tales of Horror, Dread and Fear

    Jack is a recluse who just wants to be left alone so he can stay in bed and watch TV. To make matters worse, his daughter comes banging on his door out of the blue making the struggle to keep his cannibalistic cravings at bay even harder than ever.

    Marlon James Reclaims African Myths in Fantasy Saga “Black Leopard, Red Wolf”

    Henry Rollins chomps — quite literally — on the scenery with gusto as the cantankerous and austere misanthrope, Jack. When a mysterious sickness causes a repulsive skin rash and all manner of psychotic behaviour in a remote Korean village, a policeman resorts to the help of a powerful shaman to help solve the case when his own daughter becomes infected. Based on actual police reports from a case in Madrid in , a young girl called Veronica attempts to make contact with her late father using a Ouija board.

    Sandra Escacena in a breakthrough role as the titular Veronica. Unsurprisingly, the film earned Plaza a Goya nomination for best director.


    In a village, things have changed. Two lifelong friends head off to an isolated village in the Scottish Highlands for a hunting trip only to find their morals ruthlessly tested when an accident, after a night of debauchery, leads them down a rabbit hole of lies, paranoia and revenge.

    The prissy Millicent rages apoplectic about her slutty twin sister Therese, writing in a diary and complaining to their doctor George Gaynes. She warns off a suitor John Karlen and comforts a neighbor girl Tracy Curtis whose doll Therese has smashed. After the doctor refuses to react to cheap teases of Therese, she flies into a rage; not long thereafter Millicent determines to get rid of her intolerable sister by use of a voodoo doll.

    Devil Wolf Trilogy of Horror by Garry E. Lewis

    Not helping the second and third segments are clumsy expository mechanics. The third story Amelia need make no apologies, for it delivers on its promise. And sure enough, TV viewers found themselves watching an unexpected onslaught of violence, with Amelia pursued, gnawed and stabbed by the pint-sized teakwood terror. And Ms. Demonic monsters not only kill, they foment disorder. Gary Teetzel notes that Richard Matheson once complained that his popular Twilight Zone episode The Invaders — the one in which Agnes Moorehead does battle with some pint-sized space aliens — was paced too slowly, and that his original script had more action.

    Kino knows well the fan interest in Trilogy of Terror and provides several extras, including two commentaries. The actors get a full going-over as well. Smith shows some admiration for Trilogy, although he does take the liberty of suggesting a rewrite idea for Millicent and Therese , to put it into better shape. The commentary shared by Karen Black and writer William F. Nolan is from a previous disc, and is quite a treat. She says she did the movie to help her husband Skip Burton as Robert Burton get his career in motion.

    Nolan and Black talk about her hair and costumes; she says that she always did her own makeup.