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Auerbach states in Our Vampires, Ourselves that destroying a vampire is possible through staking and fire. Garlic however is not helpful for all vampires, but rather for the earlier representatives of their species like Dracula. Moreover, vampires are nocturnal and drink the blood of human beings to be able to exist Auerbach 1.

Obligatory characteristics of a vampire are sleeping in coffins during daytime, various special powers such as the transformation in a bat or reading thoughts and the avoidance of sunlight which brings death to most vampires. The essential question that arises here is: In how far does the stereotypical portrayal of a vampire correspond with the image of the revenant in literature? Or was it due to the image in literature that the vampire promoted or even produced such a stereotype? A special and important attribute about vampires is their huge diversity.

If a typical vampire of folklore, not fiction, were to come to your house this Halloween, you might open the door to encounter a plump Slavic fellow with long fingernails and a strubbly beard, his mouth and left eye open, his face ruddy and swollen — and he looks for all the world like a disheveled peasant. In front of your door would stand a typical Slavic revenant.

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All over the world exist myths and legends about bloodsucking beings that leave their graves at night to visit the living. So there is for instance the so-called Lamia in Greece who appears in the shape of a beautiful and seductive woman and allures young men, kills them and drinks their blood afterwards Klewer Nevertheless, there are also similar figures in Chinese, Russian and Polish belief Klewer 30f.

Due to this multitude of vampire beliefs, it is hard to define where the exact origin of the belief in bloodsucking beings came from. One approach settles Transylvania as the original country, yet that could be due to the famous novel Dracula taking place in that region, other theses believe the origin in Egypt, China, India or Greece Klewer After their deaths, more people passed away of an unknown disease and there were witnesses who saw both dead wandering around as vampires.

Thus their graves were dug up and their corpses were found not decayed, but full of fresh blood, new skin and fingernails what clearly identified them as vampires at that time Kroner 60f; Klewer 37f. When Plogovitz was unburied and staked, his body raised and started bleeding and groaning Klewer 37f.

Yet the people at that time did not have this knowledge. Its release date was December 1st, in Germany. Modern vampires or revenants are used for vampires in literature and media. I will also capitalize the two terms in order to clarify their meaning. Comparative Literature Studies, Vol. Add to cart. Contents 1.

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Introduction 2. Theories of Stereotypes and Otherness 3. Historical Origin of the Vampire Figure 4. Conclusion Works Cited German Summary 1. Introduction Ich hatte damals kein Leben in mir, ich war eine Untote.

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Theories of Stereotypes and Otherness All over the world exist stereotypes. Staszak 2 Thus, individuals have to be classified in two different hierarchical groups: them and us Staszak 2. Yet, without the permission from the dominant social group to speak, marginalized people cannot tell their own story, cannot define themselves, but rather, must submit to the descriptions assigned to them by the dominant group.

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