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Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 7. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview I know I promised you a couple weeks of vacation, but that has to stop.

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I want you to go straight to San Diego. Now you're the only person in our department that has ever seen this woman. You would know her on sight. The FBI Bureau thought you saved her, but it was too late. Product Details About the Author. About the Author My name is Richard Porter in The doctors told me I had Prostate Cancer. At that time, I had just received a lead role in a play that I was acting in. The doctor told me to come into his office and sit down, that he wanted to explain some things to me.

Porter the doctor said. You have three choices. You can do nothing and you will survive three years. Then we will only be able to make you comfortable with some medication.

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The second thing is to have an operation and clear all the Cancer out of your body. And lastly, you may take radiation treatments for that will also clear the Cancer from your body as well. The medical procedures will leave you with some problems for the rest of your life.

These procedures if done early enough will leave you with a better quality of life.

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I walked out of that office afraid and angry. Once I arrived at home,called my children, and we discuss, what would be the best decision for the family.

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We all agreed that radiation would be the best way for us to go. That was in November of as I went through those horrible weeks of radiation.

Please consider that the previous books for part of a series to be read in a particular order if you don't want spoilers. Two FBI Agents are missing; presumed de Most murders are investigated and solved by local and state authorities, but in certain cases, the expertise and forensic knowledge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation provides invaluable support This costume comes with everything you need to be a sexy FBI officer including a form fitting black jumpsuit with a plu FBI Logo Insignia business card case.

In celebration of the release of my new romance book, Lingering Touch, I'm offering copies free to you in exchange for an honest review!

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Reviews on Amazon would be most appreciated. PDF format offered. Description: The hottest girl in High School, Ariana is the center of the male universe. Out of the blue walks in a mysterious, handsome stranger from out of town. Her life takes an another meaning as she falls dramatically for his electrifying, lingering touch. Offered by SchoolBoy1 author : I let a few of my close friends read my book.

It is the most evil and fiendish treats that they have ever read. I reached deep down in hell to pull this character out and put him in the spotlight.

If you're into ultra-Horror works. You will want to wrap your brain around this story once finish. I would love to have your honest review posted to Amazon enjoyed the book. Description: If you're searching for the scariest book of , then search no more. With all the vampire, werewolf and faerie books out there, it's easy to become numb to all things supernatural. London has been known to produce some of the best horror stories ever written. We have delved deep down into the black heart of one of the most evil characters, you could ever imagine and what he does to his victims has never been spoken of on till today.

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If you are a person with a weak heart or stomach. I beg you not to read this book. Our main character would make the devil disgusted by some of the things he does in this hellish treat. I give you the London Lunatic. I would like to have reviews of my book. Thank you! Description: Joaquin Bridger is a former soldier who settles in the town of Redwood, becomes a police officer, marries, and has a daughter.

He and his family live there peacefully for ten years, and then tragedy strikes. His wife and daughter are killed in a confrontation with bank robbers, and he blames himself. He quits the police force and begins a wandering, aimless life around town, walking wherever he goes—silent, brooding, filthy. He exists like this for five years. The majority of people in town see him as a man who is mentally disabled. Few people dare bother him. After robbing the bank with his fellow criminals, he kidnaps a young girl as he gets away.

Joaquin recognizes the man, and gives chase. Thus, the tale begins. Slaughter is no ordinary criminal. He has bases of operation across the country, and he is involved in nefarious activities with foreign and domestic criminals. He never stays too long in one spot, making it extremely difficult for Joaquin to track him across the vast wilderness. Sylvia, the girl Slaughter kidnapped, is nearly nine years old when the story begins, and as she meets other girls who were also taken by Slaughter, she learns how to survive as she awaits rescue. She also knows that Joaquin is searching for Sylvia, and this brings her some comfort.

Joaquin has been helped, from the beginning of the search, by two men who believe in him—a U.

Marshal, and a police officer from Redwood. Joaquin searches for the child across several Western states.

As he tracks Slaughter, he also deals with the loss of his wife and daughter, and his failed life the last five years. Along the way, as he regains the rich frontier heritage of his forefathers by learning to co-exist peacefully with Nature, he meets a big man called the Giant. It is the Giant who teaches Joaquin how to live in peace and harmony with oneself; it is the Giant who teaches Joaquin simply how to live.

Offered by jmayb author : The book is being given away for free to increase exposure. I'd like to let as many people as possible see the book and request for some reviews on our Amazon page. Description: Animals Give Kisses Too illustrates different messages of love and friendship between different animals that children can learn from. The photos included in this book are interesting, fun, and inspiring.

Children as well as parents will enjoy going through each page. Description: Dear God 26 Animal Prayers to Inspire You and Make You Smile shows how different animals give praise and thanks to the Creator in amazing poses that children will enjoy looking at.

Description: Forget the Chocolate I Want Bacon! Wacky Things Animals Say is a great photo book for kids that depict different animals in funny situations. These photos give us an idea of the possible things animal say to each other and to us if they have the ability to talk. Description: High Five! Description: Family and Friends is a great book for kids because it shows messages of love, friendship, and loyalty. The animals depicted in the book all offer kids great lessons on love and friendship.

Description: Caught on Camera is a fun-filled book that illustrates different scenarios that involve cute animals. The scenes here are something parents will definitely make them want to spend more time with their kids. He lives and writes in Alaska, and has enough experience with pets and wives and next-door meth whores to make his observations relevant to his readers, no matter who they may be. He often writes about himself in the third person, and encourages readers to leave him a review after reading his oft-hilarious prose.

Description: Impotent Geckos and Other Modern Curiosities is a collection of humorous essays and observations guaranteed to not only make you smile, but to also force you to look at the world in a slightly different way than you did before. The essays range from the title piece to making Obsessive-Compulsive Toast to recounting events that ensued during an otherwise normal morning shower.

Offered by SchoolBoy1 author : I have just released this healthy juice book. I have been using a juicer for several months, and I feel and look great for my age.