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Moving forward we plan to get this fabulous product into pots for you and then we will look at slightly tweaking the formula to make it more workable so you can also have it in a bottle.

Build Me Up

To eliminate the issue of getting the product out of the bottle we recommend to use a small gel spoon. Please Enter Quantity Required.

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Add to Basket. Is there a penalty fee for terminating the program early? If the relief funds and the admin fee is satisfied, you are not required to pay additional fees to cancel. Does my credit report have to be pulled to sign up for this program? Why do I have to pay a fee to withdraw from my money? There are fees and administrative costs associated to processing withdrawal plus we want to encourage you to keep the funds in savings for the full length of the term.

Or you can also pay off any loans or debt that you might have and get an ultimate fresh start. What happens if I miss a payment? This will have a negative impact on your bureau unless it is taken care of within a timely manner.

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Every payment from the beginning of the program will be reporting to Transunion and helping your score. What is this program reporting as? To withdraw from your built-up equity, you will need to send us an email to buildMeUp cashcofinancial. They will then be able to transfer the funds to you through Email Money Transfer. Will I get my money back if I terminate the program early? In the event of an early termination, you will be refunded any built-up equity at the time of termination.

Does the term of the program change how much my score can improve? Based on previous client experience, having the program over 36 months term will potentially improve a damaged credit score by average points. Keep on Running. Universal Soldier. Gimme Some Lovin'. Pay You Back With Interest. Pretty Flamingo.

Lady Godiva. Just Out of Reach. Georgy Girl.

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Take a Heart. With a Girl Like You. Ain't She Sweet. Yeh Yeh. My Bonnie.

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Build Me Up

Black Is Black. Mellow Yellow. Pamela, Pamela. Everyone's Gone to the Moon.

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My Love. Girl on a Swing. See See Rider.

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