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She goes so far as to shadow D when the latter thanks to the gravel-voiced parasitic beast living in his left hand sniffs out where Meier's carriage has been parked for the evening, the better to take out D with one good blast from her portable cannon. When Leila's downed by a bullet and patched up by D, against Left Hand's better judgment, she borders on taking it personally.

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The last thing she needs is to be saved by some halfbreed — and one who's competition, to boot. But that act gives her just enough perspective into D's mind — even a "bad" human is better than a "good" vampire — to return the favor later when D succumbs to overexposure and has to bury himself neck-deep in earth to recharge his supernatural batteries. Turns out they'll need to pool their resources to bring Charlotte back, especially as she and Meier find shelter with another member of the Nobility — one who might be able to put them out of the reach of D, the Marcuses, and Charlotte's family forever.

Too often I get so wrapped up in talking story and theme with anime that I forget to talk about the animation part of the anime, and not talking about the animation in Bloodlust is like not talking about the colors in a sunset. There's barely a shot that doesn't dazzle in some way, and the fluidity and detail of the animation sometimes with a digital assist, mostly not are best appreciated on a big screen.

The Blu-ray Disc reissue of the film goes a long way towards fixing that, and more than makes up for the limitations of the earlier home video releases, but the bigger the screen you can see it on, the better. When the Brothers Marcus and D cross paths, it's by way of a moment that seems custom-made for such viewing; Marcus brother Borgoff fires a crossbow bolt at D, and he snatches it out of the air while framed against the full moon. Kawajiri is something of a polarizing figure, and I have myself gone both ways on his work. I admired Ninja Scroll for its design work and amazing visuals, but deplored the misogynist-chic elements that stemmed from its roots in pulp fantasy.

Bloodlust is less problematic that way, although it accentuates another reason for split decisions on Kawajiri: his peculiar, elongated character designs. They're a turnoff for some, but I find them arrestingly offbeat, and here they are a fitting complement to Yoshitaka Amano 's original design work for the character. The original film didn't capture any of the flavor of that imagery, and while Bloodlust is still clearly Kawajiri's work rather than Amano's, it's still miles better as a realization than the earlier film.

Most of the talk around a movie like Bloodlust begins and ends with the imagery, the animation, the action sequences, the inventiveness of the violence, etc. I am tempted to stop there myself, but at the risk of omitting discussion of things that hit me the first time around — mainly, the way the final fourth or so of the film branches off drastically from the original story and is all the better for it. In that final quarter, Charlotte and Meyer Link find refuge in the castle of Carmilla, a vampire with ties to D's own past, and a private launchpad from which Meyer Link may be able to find refuge in what I presume is a space station that looks like a cathedral in orbit.

But — spoilers!

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Cheesy as it all may be, it one-ups the book by providing the entire cast with more and better things to grapple with than the original climax. Another thing the movie does well is expand on the book's few existing themes about how the characters mirror each other, and how that's used to push the audience's sympathies against the grain of the film's setup. Charlotte and Meyer Link wind up being the most sympathetic characters in the film; all they want is to be together, and Meyer is clearly taking this course of action against the instincts of his thirst for blood. Left Hand echoes the same sentiment when D bandages up the unconscious Leila; he understands his host well enough by now to know any action D takes that puts him that much closer to another human being, also puts him that much closer to a potential victim.

I am quite tired of all the assault and rape perpetrated by the male characters in these books. I am tired of female protagonists being preyed upon by so many of the characters on a chapter by chapter basis. Now, I do like some of what that tries to show — vampires trying to survive by the means that are given to them versus humans choosing to act as depraved, immoral, subhuman monsters. But the constant assault by everyone is wearying. I want more characters I can root for.

However, the setting and the history of this world are well crafted and very interesting. I want to know more about D, his past, and what exactly his left hand is. If you like horror, post-apocalyptic stories, or stories with vampires you might want to give this classic light novel series a read. This review and more can be found on Looking Glass Reads. Dec 21, A. This edition is the one used to inspire the anime movie of vampire Hunter D; with some big differences.

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I think I prefer the book version. It makes a little more sense to me, that it end the way it does. I've seen memes that it is a better love story than 'Twilight'.

It is always interesting that the Nobility are seen by the remaining humans as amoral animals that must be destroyed. And yet, almost every time the true nobility like D and the vampire he hunts here Mayerling, behave so This edition is the one used to inspire the anime movie of vampire Hunter D; with some big differences. And yet, almost every time the true nobility like D and the vampire he hunts here Mayerling, behave so much better than almost anyone else they come into contact with.

The Marcus family are hunting Mayerling as well. They are a clan of genetically manipulated humans and unstoppable vampire hunters. Their parents evidently made them this way. The rumour is that they usually kill their competition if they have any. And D is in their way. In an interesting parallel to the main love story; Leila, the only female Marcus sibling, falls for D. I find it interesting that in this world of the future post-apocalyptic whatever the heck happened; that Kikuchi can pretty well do anything he wants with the characters.

He has a whole village of the Barbarois, where the freaks of this world come together.

And what freaks they are! He has sentient tumours that occupy bodies, dhampirs that can animate robots, humans that can subtly change form and defy the laws of physics. The only negative is the translation. It is as if they did not get an English reader to read it at all. There were more than a few spots where I had to reread to work out what was going on. So it wasn't an easy read, but I think it was an improvement on the last D book. So, 3 stars from me. Mar 29, John Fitton rated it really liked it.

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This romantic fantasy horror called Demon deathchase is the third book in the popular Vampire Vunter D series. With a rival gang of hunters also in This romantic fantasy horror called Demon deathchase is the third book in the popular Vampire Vunter D series. Dark and tragic, yet full of purple prose and writing that summons lush and beautiful images into your mind of the gothic tale.

Vampire Hunter

It also has plenty of romantic moments and heartfelt situations where D is obliged to help one of his rivals and becomes a bit close to them, this being a woman. Girls will love soaking into the world of romantic vampires and blood thirsty monsters. A good story and a bit of a short read but none the less I thoroughly enjoyed it as a poetic dark fantasy.

Has a better ending compared to its animated movie adaption Vampire Hunter D: Blood lust. Mar 24, Gav rated it did not like it. I really wouldn't bother if I were you I don't know why I persevered, I guess I hoped that the translation would improve or as the author got to grips with the really rather fun central conceits and backgrounds in these tales the books would improve.

They didn't. So what I am doing now is pretty much repeating the previous 2 reviews and explaining why I will NOT pick up any more of these books. Purchased on a whim I though this would be more fun than this. The ideas are goo I really wouldn't bother if I were you The ideas are good, the settings solid and there is a lot of background of an intriguing nature; the difficulty with the book is in the reading. I don't know if this is because of the translation or perhaps because the style of writing is more suited to its source language but I found the tale interrupted and stopped by the frequent comments made by the author about the plot.

The move from third to first person comment was often jarring and stopped the flow. We really do not need to be told any more how beautiful D is, certainly not by the author who does not narrate the rest of the book in the first person. For 3 books the author has gone on and on and on about the beauty of the character and its just annoying now.

Its a shame because as ever the plot was OK, the settings good and the characters fine. The idiosyncrasies of the book just jarred with me I'm afraid and it stopped the suspension of disbelief. Dec 15, Jared Millet rated it it was ok Shelves: far-future , science-fiction , fantasy , vampires , post-apocalyptic , dark-fantasy. I couldn't make myself finish this book, and I hate that.

Vampire Hunter D (1999 - 2004)