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Some scientists think they affect the chemical messengers of inflammation and pain, while others suggest that it involves neurotransmission in the brain and spinal cord. If you were under the impression that Newton had sorted this question out, then you, like me, were wrong. Ah tomatoes, that most complex of fresh produce. Is it a fruit?

24 Big Questions Science Still Needs To Answer

Is it a vegetable? Best in a salad or a pasta sauce? Awful in a fruit salad. Tomatoes have over 30, genes, which, to put it in context, is around 10, more than a human.

The question of why tomatoes require more genes than the infinitely more complex human continues to baffle modern science. Confusion about how the bicycle works may not come as much of a surprise to those of us who were taught to ride by a well-meaning older brother, but it is a confusion that continues to exist in the scientific community.

The first bicycles were invented through trial and error, and the best designers continue to be those with experience, rather than those with amazing engineering knowledge.

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Some scientists theorised that it was due to the caster effect , or even the kind of gyroscopic force that keeps a spinning top upright. Both of these theories were disproved by scientists at Cornell university, however, when they made a functioning bicycle that had neither of those things.

A Guide to the Scientific Wilderness

Why Ice is Slippery. Because, why is ice slippery? Is it because the force we exert on it turns it back to water?

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  • Basically, we have no idea. Furthermore, previously, individuals trusted this was inconceivable. Will we ever know everything? Something can appear glaringly evident to you when you think about it. Yet, inquire as to whether it was clear before you learned it.


    This wonder is a kind of review preference. Here is the manner by which it works: exactly when somebody discloses something to us, we understand that it is legitimate and we instinctually feel that it is valid.

    Questions Science Can’t Answer

    Can an individual sense dread, hostility, or an individual of the contrary sex from a long separation? Then again, numerous individuals can perceive their relatives and companions just by the smell. Other than certain concoction signals, for instance, the characteristic smell of a body or breath can cause a specific response in an individual. In any case, regardless of whether human pheromones exist, it is as yet not clear how our body deciphers the substance flag.

    Creatures can travel a huge number of miles amid a year fleeing from extraordinary temperatures, searching for sustenance, or hunting down a mate.

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    Be that as it may, the components of movement have not been concentrated that broadly. Understand that every single profound practice have a logical clarification associated with physiological procedures. For instance, out-of-body encounters can be brought about by an interruption of the procedures in the temporoparietal territory.

    Top 10 Questions Science cant answer

    Rest loss of motion is another wonder that is effectively clarified by science. Along these lines, when you enlighten a specialist regarding your experience of seeing a phantom, you should inform them concerning how you felt amid it.


    How do we know that any of these objects and creatures actually exist? Maybe they're constructs of our own internal mechanisms, spawned by our subconscious for unknown purposes. The universe could be a hologram, a "Matrix" style computer creation meant to entrap our minds and enslave us to a nefarious purpose.

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    • Scientists and physicists aren't sure we'll ever understand the nature of reality. The deeper we delve into physics, the stranger the mechanics of our universe become.